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Thursday, September 04, 2008

A Perfect Afternoon

I've been sitting on my deck for the last hour or more, sipping lemonade. Doing nothing. Lovin' it.

I've held each of the babies on my lap and cuddled while swinging gently. They have enjoyed each having a special time with mom. Eventually, each had a curiosity about something, a bird noise or a car, causing them to get down to explore, but only after a thorough massage on their backs while in my arms. That has been nice, too.

It is such a pleasant day. The temperature is mild, I'd guess around 70°, the skies are wide and blue with just a few clouds, none of which look mean. There is a breeze, not enough to be called a wind, but sufficient to cause the pines to sing. I love that so much, and they have really been singing to me this afternoon. The only other sounds are my wind chimes, mellow and deep, and the breeze is just enough to make them emit an occasional gentle gong; The Kids are out here with me, and they have been running up and down the deck a little, nails clicking on the deck and occasional little growls as they play with each other; and once in a while a car goes by as people are returning home at the end of their work days.

When vehicles come up the road the kids stop what they are doing an look, although they can't see the cars for the trees, and watch, head turning to follow the sound up the road. For a few seconds after the car passes, they sit very still, and I hear the wind in the pines again. Then the playfulness starts up again, and when they move to the far end of the deck, or when they all stretch out to rest a while, I again, hear the pines whistling softly.

That is such a pleasant sound. The only other sound that I find as soothing is the sound of water. Whether it is a mountain brook trickling, or gentle waves lapping at the shore, or a more imposing surf which roars, water sounds are soothing. But for peacefulness .... Oh, that coniferous mountain melody is my all time favorite!

What a perfect afternoon!


  1. Ahhh... I could feel myself relaxing as I read this...

  2. what an awesome goal, build a water pond and then you will have it all.

  3. I too felt myself relaxing and could almost hear and feel the breeze throught the pines. Is it any wonder your Kids are happy and content.


  4. Jen, I certainly was. :)

    MJ, LOL!, Honey, I am still working on the battle with the thistles! A pond is so far down the road that I can't even fathom! But yes, it is a great idea!

    Ruth, oh, lawdy, you must go read my most recent post!!! I'm not sure "happy" and "content" is a good description of them .... or me .... tonight!! LOL!! But I'm glad you enjoyed reading it. :)

  5. How beautiful. I wish we were closer. I'd love to join you on your deck.

  6. Sounds like a wonderful afternoon full of peace. I hope to lie under a few tall trees this afternoon myself.

  7. I love time spent on my swing on the porch ... ahhhh......

  8. Catherine, well, anytime you're near, you are welcome on my deck!

    Julie, it was so restful. I loved it. I hope you get to do just that!

    Queenie, isn't it the best? ahhhhhhh.


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