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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sam & the Shoes .... the Saga Continues

But probably not as you expect.

A while ago I was changing into "comfys" for the evening. I couldn't find one of my house shoes. Not unusual. The dogs have 3546 toys in the house, but Sam luuuuuuuuuuuuvs my house shoes. He doesn't chew these inexpensive shoes up like he does the real ones, the leather ones! NOOO! I guess I should be glad for that small favor.

Anyway, with the mate in my hand, I began looking around the house and couldn't find it anywhere. Sam was watching me, and I knew he had done something with it. I think he knew I knew it, too. Finally I decided he must have taken it to the deck as he has done a dozen times before. He followed me there and watched. I didn't find the shoe on the deck.

I came back in the house with Sam on my heels. Hmmmm. I decided that maybe he took it to the back yard. Now that they have free access they run in and out all the time. I peeked out, then went to get my camera. Sam went running ahead of me, as you can see here, a dead give away!! Little twerp!!

AHA!!!! The evidence!!

The culprit!!!

Tried and convicted in the Court of Mom.

Life imprisonment, Mister, life imprisonment!!


  1. Oh but he looks so innocent.

  2. MJ, HA! The innocent looking ones are the worst! Guilty, I tell you, he's guilty!!

  3. But but but he is so cute. How could you find him guilty. The shoe walked out on its own he was just trying to get it back yeah that is it.

  4. Redfrog, I can NOT believe the accomplices that little dog has reigned in!

  5. Oh my gosh I am laughing so hard. Sammy is a hoot. I will keep his little obsession in mind when I come visit. I bet Susan would love it if he chewed up one of my Crocs.

  6. Caroline, that could be arranged!

  7. He is TOO funny and SO SMART!

    Scary......... that being said i'd take him in a heartbeat!

  8. Quenie, yes, he is, and no, you won't!!!! ;D

  9. Beans, living in the face of such cuteness is always, uh, interesting!! LOL! Yes, he is adorable!

  10. he is sooo cute!!

    my cat Leif loves shoes. he doesn't eat them but he lays on them and smashes the shape. he likes to put his paws inside like he is "wearing the shoe"

  11. (M)ary, it is a very good thing for him that he is cute! Otherwise .... Well, I shouldn't say!!



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