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Friday, October 24, 2008

Dog Doors, Dog Deck and Dog Ramps ....

...... Canine Palace Lynilu is definitely dog friendly!

The dog doors are in. Whew! It took longer than we planned, but my helpful friend, Ricky, decided it would be better to put them through walls vs. through the doors, and I agreed. Since what I had bought was for doors, he had to make some adaptions, but they are perfect!

The dogs aren't using them very well yet. While he was still working on them, the dogs began going in and out the open holes, but once the flaps went in, they balked. Right now I have taped one of them half way up, so they go in and out and feel the flap touching their backs as they go through. Tomorrow I will tape it lower, and eventually they will, hopefully, be nonplussed about it all.

Of course, when I closed off their usual escape routes, there were a few problems. I put the glass down in the storm door, and I showed each of them by putting their paws on the glass. But you know they didn't completely get it. Max smacked into the glass twice, Jazi once and Joey once. Sam either watched the other bang their noses and learned or he was just too timid to try in after the stressful day of strange people and new doors!

We build a special little deck on the back for them to go out on. I also built a ramp for them to go down. We practiced walking down the ramp, and it was hilarious! Jazi, usually my bravest of all, crept down on her tummy! Max and Sam went down very slowly and cautiously. Joey did best; he wasn't crazy about it, but after standing still and assessing the situation for about 10 seconds, he went down without a problem. I may have to put something to keep them from losing their footing on the board, but otherwise, they are all set to learn lots of cool new things!

Yesterday I put together some storage drawers for the laundry room. They have almost all the clutter contained in there, thank goodness! Today I put together a shelf for the living room for storage of DVDs, tapes, etc. What a difference it makes! However, all this "building" is doing me in. My muscles are so sore that getting up and down from the floor and from holding tools. I ache everywhere. yuck.

I'm spending the weekend getting the finishing my organization. I'm planning to put the shelves together for the well house. I'm guessing that I will work most of tomorrow on one, putting tools in order on it, and then do the other one on Sunday. If they go together really fast .... but I'm not counting on it.

So there will be working and learning at my house this weekend. If you like to work or could stand to learn, c'mon down!!!


  1. My weekend will be spent committing fleacide. With Marvin we couldnt treat her when she was pregant and then had to wait 8 weeks for the kittens so 7 cats and 2 dogs are pretty infested every room but the kitchen and bathrooms and laundry room is carpeted yaaaaay me. If you dont hear from me say Sunday please send rescue team to one of the kids rooms.

  2. Red, OK, I'm happy to be building shelves! You convinced me!

  3. I want pictures and Lulu wants to move in.

  4. Lots of things to do for the seems they will be keeping you busy for years to come.

  5. IE, OK, I'll get some pictures soon. It isn't fancy, but it's functional. And hopefully it is just temporary. My deck is *supposed* to be built in the next few weeks, and this little "wonder" will disappear. But for now, it is will suffice!

    MJ, that is the goal, theirs AND mine! :)

  6. I LOVE our dog door. We put ours through the wall too and it's fabulous. When my Jazzy had all her puppies, we even trained them to go in and out through it. What a cool thing! My little Riley will get up in the middle of the night, go out to pee and come back to bed without making a sound. He just snuggles back under the blanket, right by my knees and gets comfy.

  7. Traci, I've missed having one here. It is so convenient, isn't it? I'll be really glad when they begin to use them by themselves. When we had puppies, they learned really quickly.I love that your little guy just takes himself out and back in like that! One day, one day .......


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