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Sunday, October 26, 2008

A Great Start to A Sunday Morning

Guess what???

I put the young'uns out for their morning constitutional and got myself a cuppa joe (Euww, that's over-used these days) java. When I went to let them in, I was surprised that they were not sitting on the step as usual, waiting for me to open the door. Nope. The Boys were on the new doggy-deck, waiting for me to remove the solid door! I lifted it out of the way, and Max came right in, followed by Joey and Sam! They did not wait for me to lift the flap!! YAY!

Jazi was still wandering the yard, and when I called her she came up to the little deck, too. I was lifting the flap to get her attention focused there, and she darted in. So I don't know if she is flap-ready yet.

There is no guarantee that they will use it without help every time, but my guess is that we are over the biggest hump in this particular training!


**UPDATE** 11:16 AM
Max and Sam have it down! They are going in and out like it is something they've always known! Joey and Jazi are more tentative, but getting closer! woot, woot!!

**UPDATE** 1:30PM
Joey is a free man, able to come and go at will! Jazi is at about 75% now. whew!!!


  1. Great accomplishment Lyn...those "kids" are awesome, and all due to MOMS training.


  2. Hey new set-up in your comment section....yikes I was worried I wouldn't be able to comment any more lol


  3. Ruth, this is going to make life much easier and more pleasant for all of us! It is already better!

    I'm still deciding if I like this set-up. There are advantages for me, but some disadvantages, too. We'll see.

  4. What a great deal for you and the little ones. Want a weimaraner to train???

  5. MJ, uh .... NO!! I like Sadie, but the sooner I can quit training, the better we will all be!!


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