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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Groomed Dogs Are Nice!

I got a call today from my daughter. She wanted to know where were the promised groomed-dog pictures. I don't think she really called to talk to me! LOL! So here they are ....

I tried really, really hard to get all four of them to sit on the bench for a group picture. HA! I must have lost my mind!! So you gets what you gets! And this is what you gets......

Jazi says, "That's my big brother, and I luuuuuuv him!"

And Sam says, "Aw, gosh, now I'm blushing!"

Look at Joey's cute little crinkly tongue! I caught this just as he started to flick his tongue out.

Joey and Jazi .... best buds.

What are you thinking, little pal?

Max was thoughtful for a moment, too.

Gosh, even Jazmyn had one of those faraway looks, too.

Sam? He just wanted to nap! Doesn't he look like a little teddy bear? We're trying to let his hair grow to see if it will look like Shih Tzu or is he has too much poofy hair from the poodle side of him. I may have to let his "poodle puff" stay teddy-bearish. We'll see. Meanwhile, he is just cuddly as can be.

Joe got a "teddy bear" cut because his hair is so curly across his lower back and tail that the groomer and I decided to keep it fairly short. It tangles, and brushing gets painful for him, so this is a happy look!

Jazi says, "I feel like I'm in jail, Mom!"

The Boys.

"Please, Mom?????"

"Look Joey, there's a whole world out there!"

You are getting very sleepy. Your eyes are growing very heavy. You are becoming very relaxed.....

Handsome Joey.

"Just a little while out there and ....."

Sammy still adores Joey. He will cuddle this way with any of the others. Max won't let him, but the others do. Isn't that a sweet picture? Joey doesn't ever seem to mind if Sam snuggles.

Dear little Max. He seems to think he is my protector. He stays close to me most of the time, and barks furiously at "intruders." The only problem is that he also "protects" me from the other four-leggers, too. And he looks at me just like this very often.

"Sigh. I guess I might as well quite whining."

Pensive Max.

And sweet Joey. He also looks at me like this often, with adoration.

Such a sweetheart.

Joe and Sam.
Sam's just taking it all in.

Then he closes his eyes when he faces the camera. Why this little guy closes his eyes so often is beyond me. Isn't he just the cutest little fuzz ball?

Later Jazi snuggled up in one of the dog beds in a quiet corner of the living room.

She reminds me so much of China and her sister, Mai Tai, as well as their mommy-dog, Mai Lin.

Snuggle bug.

We had a nice, lazy Sunday around here. Hope yours was as pleasant as ours. :)


  1. Oh my CUTE are they??

  2. I so want sam or any of them actually. I would trade pepper and a couple kittens

  3. Beautiful "family" pics Lyn. And having had 5 children I appreciate how hard it is to get them all to sit still for pics. Off to Foxwoods Resort and Casino in CT for 4 days. Hope I come home with more $$ than I go with lol Not likely but it will be a good time anyway. BTW Those kids are so darned cute !!!.

  4. Cheryl, well, I know I'm biased, but I think they are dang cute!

    Red, LOL!!! No deal! It's early, but I'm awake enough to see through that one!!

    Ruth,(that is you, isn't it?) you do understand! Oh, have fun at the casino and bring home $$$!!

    MQ, you forgot the 4th "precious"!! LOL!! Thanks!

  5. (M)ary, thanks! I think so, too!

  6. Thank you so much for pictures of the babies. They are soo cute. I can't believe how much Sam has changed from this summer. He looks so much calmer and at peace. I think he knows he is safe and finally in his forever home. You are a saint for taking them in and spoiling them rotten.

  7. Yea! I'm glad your daughter called. They're all so very cute and look very well groomed. lol

    Thanks for sharing!

  8. Caroline, you're right, Sam is like a different dog now. Well, except for when I take him to strange places, like the groomer! Then he still does the frozen-in-stone-statue, thing! Poor little guy. Another year, and I'm betting that he loses most of the fear.

    Thank you, but no, I'm not a saint. I'm a woman who knows she needs company, knows she needs to be needed, loves to see creatures (2- & 4-leggers) get into a better place, and goes after a way to fix things for herself and a bunch of pups.

    Jenster, hee, hee, hee! I'm glad she called, too! Thanks, and it goes without saying that I think they are cute, too!

  9. What a discussion mom and I had this morning. Which one we liked the best and why. Truth be told we love them all! You have the cutest family.

  10. IE, LOL! Over the morning coffee, eh? Yeah, they are cute, and thank you, but that little doll of yours is dynamite!!

  11. C-U-T-E!!!

    I had to show Matthew the pics. He's got a major crush on all STs. He wants one so badly. We think Duke and a ST would be the funniest oddball combination. Duke met one on our walk this morning and didn't want to leave. He looked up at me like I was torturing him when I told him it was time to go home.

  12. Melissa, well, you know how I feel about them, of course! I think Duke would love having a little fuzzy playmate! Just think .... both your boys would be delighted to have one!! LOL!

    If there is any serious thought of getting a ST, please look into adopting one that needs rescue.

    Go to There is a box to put in your preferences (breed, age, gender, etc.), then put in your zip code, and you'll be amazed how many beautiful babies are in need right in your back yard.

    Good luck!

  13. Daisy, thanks. I think so .... and I realize I'm way biased on that!

  14. This comment is for Melissa: if you are serious about finding a ST then you need to have Lynilu find one in NYC....becuase you know she will.

  15. Caroline, :D

    Melissa and I have already been conversing off-blog about this! But she's already an experienced rescuer, herself. She has a boxer named Duke who came via


  16. How freaking adorable are they all. I agree that Sam looks like a teddy bear. I can imagine how many cute moment you get in a day with your crew!!

    Mine went out today and ended up with seriously muddy paws, and I am still scratching my head wondering where they got so dirty--and little fellow was soaking wet. . . hmm, mystery.

  17. Beans, thanks. :D Yeah, the cute moments are frequent in my house.

    Some mornings one or more of mine come in really wet, too. I finally figured out they were rolling in the dew-wet grass! As far as the mud .... dirt of any moisture content is to dogs as steel is to a magnet! Just is!


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