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Friday, October 10, 2008


I'm sending this .... from my laptop!!! I kid you not!!! I got back from lunch and the box was on the deck, and I thought, No, it couldn't be the computer! It is!! Wow!! It left here ... what it Tuesday? Wednesday? And it is back!! I'm such a happy camper!!! Happy, happy, joy, joy!! (Picture a little Snoopy with curly grey hair, dancing the happy dance, and that is me!!!

I have two new friends!

Meet Peggy and Waynette ...............

They have been friends since high school. Peggy is the one who got in touch with me. She now lives in North Texas, so she is a distance away, but she is near enough to where my sister is now, that when I go to visit my sis, I can see Peggy, too.

Waynette lives in Roswell, which you might remember is just about 60 miles from me. When I go down to shop now, I'll have someone to see, have lunch with, whatever.

We had a very nice lunch at the Hummingbird Tearoom, a five cheese quiche with a bowl of tomato-basil soup. It was very, very good. Topped it all off with a bowl of French bread pudding with rum sauce. Yummm!

A picture of the three of us.

A woman at a nearby table offered to take pictures, and I appreciated it. Unfortunately, she seemed to have some trouble with my camera (I don't know why, it is simple and basically point and shoot) so this is out of focus, but still a treasure!

I didn't think about it when I was dressing, but notice that am wearing a necklace and earrings of turquoise carved hummingbirds! The owner came to the table to check on us and admitted that she has been known to mug people for hummingbird jewelry! I told her I'd defend myself with the butter knife on the table. Obviously we are both pretty scary people!

I remembered the other thing from this morning. It's about Sam. My dear Sam. My sweet Sam. The dog that may get to live another day, if he plays his cards right. He has discovered that he can put his front feet in the water dish and "dig" and it is just so much fun!!! Of course, he chose to do this in the dish I keep in the bedroom for Ali, so the rug under that and the carpet under it are soaked. He did this first a couple nights ago, and now I have to block him from that room or he goes to town. When he does this, his front feet/legs are soaked, his belly is soaked, his face is soaked. I don't know if he dips the face or if it is just from the splash, but he is a mess! I even called Caroline the other night to see if she wants another dog! She talks a good story, but she wouldn't come get him! LOL!

Finally, here is a picture of the sunrise from a couple days ago. Do click to enlarge. It is beautiful!

Gail & I are going to see "Eagle Eye," and perhaps something else. The Cowboy Symposium is in town, and I'm curious about that. We'll see!

Hasta la vista, y'all!! Have a great weekend!

OH! OH! OH! I just noticed .... this is post #997!! Three more and it will be 1000 posts!

I know .... I talk too much!!


  1. Pepper may also get to live another day or not. She spent most of her day in the kennel cause she wanted to eat marvin.Glad you had a great lunch and it is a pretty sunset and also great news about the laptop.

  2. Red, A day that ends with a live Marvin can't be all bad, right? LOL! Thanks, mine was a good day, too!

  3. That is so cool that your computer is back and also that you have 2 new friends. And to think you were hestitant about starting this blog. Look at how much it has become part of your life. Very cool.

  4. Caroline, I told them about how you beat me up and forced me to begin blogging! ;D

  5. The Hummingbird Tearoom sounds heavenly. And may your new friendships thrive despite the distance.


  6. Betty, thank you, I hope they last, too! It was fun, anyway!

  7. I didn't tell but I just got a new laptop but I can't get the wireless router to recognize it. I have to get to work because I think I will really enjoy it this time. Giving the other to my MIL

  8. MQ, cool! Do you have a Geek Squad where you live? They may not even have to come out; sometimes they can get you through the wireless set up over the phone. Or the place you got the computer might, also.

  9. What a pretty bunch of ladies!


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