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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Measure Twice, Cut Once.

Measure twice, cut once. It's a very good rule to avoid problems when you're building something. When I began planning to put the shelves in the well house, I measured. And I measured.

Then I measured again, just to be sure.

I looked online to see what I wanted, sizes, etc. I found two units that would work perfectly.

Next I drove nearly 70 miles, an hour and a half trip because of driving through the mountains, to Alamogordo to buy the shelving.

Back home, I began constructing my storage shelves. The first one went up like a charm. Oh, a couple minor hitches, but easy to fix. The shelves looked perfect.

I put some of the tools on the shelves so I could clear the floor of totes, etc., and have space to walk around. Then I began with the second set. I took out the pieces for the first level and began putting them together. As I snapped the fourth side of it .... damn. It was 1/4 inch too long fit the space!! I assumed that the other shelves were not against the wall, taking up too much room. Nope. My only option would be to move the first set of shelves 18 inches (not possible) or the tank for the well by 1/4 inch. The tank doesn't move without re plumbing, so that limits it to moving the shelves and reconfiguring them.

Moving the shelves means reconstructing them AND raising the semi-permanent shelf I put up a few weeks ago several inches, AFTER unloading all the shelves!!!

That was yesterday at 5:00. I gave up for the day. I just couldn't face any more.

This morning I call Lowe's to be sure I could exchange this set for one that is smaller. They said yes, even though I had cut the box. They said just tape the box up as well as I could and bring it back. I knew they were really good about returns/exchanges, but the massacred box? No problem.

So I've taped it together. It's in the bed of the truck, and I'll be trekking back to Alamogordo, probably on Tuesday. I have to make that trip again, but it will make everything work as it should and saves me a ton of labor.

Tomorrow I'm going to Roswell to pick Linda up at the airport. She has been in FL visiting her parents. While I'm there, I'll make a couple quick stops to exchange some items I bought a week ago and picked up the wrong things. What is it with me? Am I making these mistakes so that I can make more short road trips? Am I having withdrawal from traveling and this is my subconscious way of getting my "road fix"? Am I a mental case?



  1. Sounds to me like you are just itchin' for a drive...simple as that.

  2. MJ, well, I guess I'll just have to take a drive, then!

  3. Definitely not a mental case. I'd venture to say you're one of the most sane women I've blog met. :)


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