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Monday, October 20, 2008

You asked about .....

Several have asked, so I'll update you. I inquired about Flopsy and Mopsy. I felt fairly safe is doing so because their pictures were off the website.

The answer is yes, they are adopted as of Saturday.

The rescue group are going to put my name on a list for a Shih Tzu or ST mix, a small female, and I'm not obligated to take one. I explained that I'm not really looking for one, but just fell in love with those two while I was looking for a friend. Her reply is that I sound like the perfect hope for a baby needing a home. Oh, lawdy! Here we go! The one good thing is that there are few ST in NM for adoption. Since I began looking in May, I've seen less than ten in NM, including El Paso, TX which is almost NM. Let's say anything less than four hours drive which could include Western TX, too.

I think I'm safe.


  1. I know that if you had taken them in you would have been wonderful for them. I have this funny feeling that you are not done adopting dogs. you are too cute.

  2. Caroline, absolutely. I would have adored having a couple more little girls to hang out with Jazi. But If it were meant to be, it would have happened. Am I through? LOL! Probably not! But I'm not actively looking. It will happen when it happens!!

  3. All I can say is....
    OOOOHHHH my.

  4. I truly believe you were born to do this. It is your calling and I can't think of a happier calling.

    I just had to write a thank you note and sadly condolence to a woman (81 years old) who took such care of my sister's Bischon. My sister died in 2004, her sweet dog was use to a stay home person. The Bischon Rescue Group, found this wonderful woman out in Seattle (I live in New York). She loved Bo like her own child and took care of hime until Sunday. She had to put him to sleep due to kidney failure. It makes me sad, but I'm so thankful for this wonderful woman who took sweet little Bo into her heart and home. I kept Bo until they could find him a home, but he was so unhappy being alone during the day (plus I think he was grieving, I really do). She spoiled him and loved him so much.

    I'm rambling, but I really wanted to say that what your doing is WONDERFUL!!!

  5. Cheryl, I'm convinced that pets do, indeed, grieve. My Ali (my grand old man who is now 15.5) clearly grieved my husband's death, then he grieved my sweet Mai Lin (my first Shih Tzu) a year later. Now I'm not sure if he is grieving China, just getting old, or both. It is good that a second home was found for Bo, one that helped him to live out his life in peace.

    I love my rescues. I love rescuing. I just have to check myself to be sure I don't get so many that I need rescued!

    After retiring from helping people, I began helping animals. LOL! Interesting! I have to tell you, the animals are more openly grateful! Jus' sayin'!

  6. You think your safe... but you never know! LOL You have such a good, kind, ope, warm, loving heart. I am so honored to be your friend!

  7. MQ, well, maybe I should add "for now." Thank you, Patti, and back to you on that. :)


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