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Sunday, November 09, 2008

Could It Get Any Better?

Sammy made a big, big step of progress today.

I took the kids for a walk, and Sam walked.

He didn't do his statue pose.

He didn't lag behind.

He didn't appear to have been recently beaten.

He did nothing but walk!!

This is the first time that I have put the harness on, hooked the leash, and simply walked out the door, down the steps and down the driveway without a single hitch!! I'm so proud of him! He did great on the walk, too. When the leashes became tangled (and that is often!!), I would say "stop," and he would just stop, sit down and wait till I got them free. I can't believe it!

Once again, the most damaged of my little adoptees has shown just how special and smart his is. It may take him a while to get past some of the tasks, but by golly, he is just doing amazingly well.

I'm so proud of him that I'm ready to forgive him for this.....

And this ......

And even this ....

Yep, I think he's a keeper.


  1. Yea, Sammy!!! See what a loving parent can do??

  2. Jen, I'm so proud of him. This marks the second big milestone in just a few days! Thanks. :)

  3. that pup has the coolest looking face I have ever seen.

  4. Hi, Kel-Bell! It's a good thing that face is cute, 'cause otherwise, he wouldn't have survived this long!! LOL!

  5. Hip Hip Hooray for Sam! That is such an exciting break through.

  6. Yay Sammy. I am so proud of him. I really wish we had taped him when he was on the leash in the beginning. I really don't think I have ever laughed so hard as I did in OKC. Give him a big kiss for me.

  7. Caroline, I never thought about doing a video .... probably because he wasn't moving! I did post some pictures of him at the end of the leash as if he had been nailed to the floor! He was SO funny!

    Kiss delivered!

  8. IE, boy, does he!! Chew and eat! Chew and eat! It's a good thing he is a cutie!


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