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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Just Stuff

Now I need to find another thought for Thursday, don't I? sheesh!

I had a busy day today. I took Madeleine for a haircut and some other errands. First we both had western hats that needed to be reshaped, so we dropped those off. Then we went on to her haircut appointment. Her stylist decided to give her a razor cut to make it easier for her to manage with her limited vision, and it was an amazing event. As she cut the hair she commented that Madeleine had curly hair, something she didn't know after 2.5 years of cutting M's hair, and neither did M! She has followed M's preferences in the past, but I'm glad she stepped out of the comfort zone today! Madeleine is concerned about being able to care for it, but she will learn to love it. It is low maintenance, and she looks marvelous!

After a couple more short stops, we stopped for lunch and had delicious wraps. Mine was roast beef and sharp cheddar cheese with fresh spinach, red onions and horseradish cream cheese in a garlic tortilla. Oh, yum! It was served with kettle chips, fresh pineapple, grapes and strawberries. Yum, again! The pièce de résistance was a homemade chocolate chip cookie. We had such a great visit and a good day in general.

Back home I took The Kids for a walk. Or they took me, I'm not sure. We did have a good walk, about 45 minutes. Joey hates, hates going uphill. He gets at the full length of the leash, about 16 feet, and just drags along. The others are going, going, going. Max is from one side of the road to the other, sticking his nose in every nook and cranny he can find, and Sam is right on his heels. They check out everything!

When we turned to come home I decided to try an experiment. I detached the leashes from Joey and Jazi. Both of them walked home, about 3/4 mile and stayed right by my side. Jazi would trot ahead a little bit, but when I called her, she returned to be right with me. Joey stayed right behind me on the right side, making me wonder if he'd been taught to heel. Max and Sam continued to explore their world fully, and as we came up the driveway I unhooked Sam, who then stayed right with me, also. I waited till we got just a few yards from the house to let Max off the leash. He is the one I would worry most about as he might just take off and follow a bug, another dog or a deer.

It is reassuring that at least two of them will stay close. I think that Sam will, also, but we'll keep the leash attached for a little while longer, just to be sure. Max .... over time I think it will work, but he is more impulsive, so we will take it slowly.

Tonight I have been laughing my head off at Jazi and Sammy. He gets hold of her tail and pulls her all over the house! She looks at me with a slightly desperate expression, but he keeps pulling her around! It is SO funny! When she gets a chance to get away, she runs across the room, circles around and jumps on him like a banshee!! Those two play together the cutest of all. Jaz and Joey play together really well, but with Sam there is an element of low boundaries that just adds to the fun .... for me to watch and for them in playing. They are so cute and so much fun! Sam actually plays well with all three of the others, and the different dyads each have their own cuteness in playing. I never know what to expect.

I've added a new element to my blog. Look right below the "hitchhikers with something to say." It says "Reactions." If you run your cursor over that area, some options will show up. You can rate my posts. At least you can do so until I get offended and take it off the layout!! LOL! You don' gotta, bucha can, if ya wanna.

Mañana, y'all!!

PS - I forget to say that Madeleine heard about a local facility that trains service dogs. It is very close to us, less than 4 miles. She is going to put her name on the list (there is a 3 year wait!), and we are going to see about volunteering. According to the website, they need volunteers of all kinds from cleaning kennels to bookkeeping to training to socializing, etc. I'm hoping they might use us on the same day and I'll drive us there to help in whatever way possible. I'm very excited and so is Madeleine!


  1. Service dogs awesome,I can take bufford out at night without a leash he does his business in the yard he is suppose to and i dont worry about tripping anymore. this will work till i play retrieve the beagle. Pepper no way she would be gone in a heartbeat that is why she gets kennelled in James room. I voted interesting btw.

  2. Red, each dog has his/her own personality, don't they?

    Thanks. I will be interested to see what the "reflections" tell me. Or not!

  3. Your dogs give you such pleasure, Lynilu ! I bet they loved being off-leash, and Max will get the hang of it in a while too...

  4. LA, yes, they do. I think Max will eventually come around. Right now, he is still "too puppy" when we walk, wanting to see everything. He is the only one who seems to have had a significant "street life," and I imagine he misses that. I think over time he will mellow.

  5. Madeleine is so lucky to have you, my friend.
    Your sweet doggies make my day - I know they make yours 1000X moreso!

    Your sandwich has made me hungry!

  6. Okay I came back to give feedback since I screwed it up the first time!

  7. MQ, and I'm luck to have her in my life, too.

    These little guys really keep me jumping! Can't imagine life without them, for sure.

    It was a guuuuuuuuud sammich!!!

    Thank you!


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