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Wednesday, November 05, 2008


It was the day after The Election, the election that was to change this history of the United States. When she opened her eyes, Lyni the Pooh said to herself, "Oh my! It is a blustery day, indeed! Yesterday was Tuesday, Election Day, so today must be Winds-day!"

And if your youthful reading included certain books, you understand that!

It is windy as heck here! It started last night, not long after my guests left, and it blew so hard and rattled the timbers so much that little Sammy was a wee bit nervous. He kept jumping up when the really strong gusts hit, looking around as if to say, "WTF???" He got used to it after a half hour or so, and I think he slept through the night. It is still blowin' and goin' this morning and will be most of the day. We are under a strong wind warning for the whole day. I had planned to work outside, but I think I'll pass on that. Forty mile a mile gusts can knock even this old chunky gal off her feet!

Speaking of Sam, I was so proud of him last night. Remember the little guy that wouldn't leave my bedroom for the first two or three weeks he lived here, the one that used to poo on the floor when a stranger walked in the house and then again when they looked at him? Well, last night he barked a little bit at the arrivals, but within a few minutes, during which he was hiding around the corner but constantly poking out to see what was going on, he was not a basket case. After those first few minutes, he simply joined the crowd! Now .... he was cautious about who petted him, mind you. After all, a guy has his standards! He preferred to be sitting on the floor next to me, but he walked around, met people (cautiously), and generally was OK with our houseful of strange two-leggers! A rousing hurrah followed by a deep sigh from The Momma!

Sniff, sniff. My baby is growing up.

OK, only some times. The rest of the time he is a goober-brain .... but he's my better-adjusted-goober-brain!!

We really had fun last night. We watched the returns on TV, and I also had the laptop set up so we could follow it there at the same time. We ate while we watched. Our dinner was, as always, very good. One woman brought enchiladas that were so good (a little milder than I actually prefer [she was being kind to everyone, just in case we had gringos present!], but very flavorful), another brought pinto beans, another green chili stew. We also had a shrimp cocktail and a salsa over cream cheese with crackers. I had some edamame for appetizer and had some rice crispy treats with caramels and cashews and rocky road bars for dessert. Da Boss brought wine and champagne which was popped when The Moment was flashed over the screen.

It was a great evening, spent with some of my favorite people. I'm really pleased with the day's events, and Loved the way it ended, in the company of friends and with the experience of seeing history made.

I want to say to those of you who are younger .... this election has made me realize something. I remember considering my grandmother's life. Born in 1879, she traveled with her family as a child in a covered wagon. Before she died in 1967, she saw the progress of automobiles, of modern conveniences [she went from the washboard to the modern electric clothes washing machine], air travel [jets confounded her; when we sent men into space, it completely baffled her], and so much more. Well, last night and today I've had the same kinds of thoughts about the events of my life. At 64, I've seen many changes that are amazing (I'm not yet to the "baffled" stage, thank goodness) such as computers (when we first heard about computers, they were so big that they filled whole rooms, and while they computed things, they were very, very slow; now, as you all know, computers that are fast, efficient can fit in the palm of your hand), the Internet, communications (I remember from my childhood the rural party-line telephone on the wall with a crank), etc.

But the most amazing of all to me is the change in human relations. I was born in a town in Texas that did not allow black people to live in the city limits. The first black person I saw was when I was about three, on a shopping trip to Oklahoma City. I was fortunate that my parents did not teach bigotry. I'm sure they sometimes struggled with it in their later lives and changes occurred that they just didn't "get," things that were beyond their conception, but they taught me to respect all people. In my high school years my town in New Mexico there were just a few black people in town. This was during the times of racial struggle (1950s and 60s). I was enough of a rebel (or a liberal?) that I didn't understand why black people could not have everything we had. At a school dance for lady's choice, I asked a young black man to dance. I've always tried to understand the way of life and needs others. Often I don't understand; I can't because I can't step inside their skin. But I try. I really work at it. I can honestly say that I've never liked or disliked, respected or disrespected another person because of their skin color, their ethnic heritage, their station in life.

Today .... oh, today! I feel a wonderful sense of progress. I voted for Barack Obama because his proposed policies and plans fit my own needs and concerns. I truly did not consider his ethnic aspects. But the joy of seeing a black man poised to walk into the Oval Office and take a seat at that desk is monumental! It has been a long time coming and is overdue, but I have lived to see this!

We're not out of the woods on this yet. We still have a long way to go. This is big, but we can not assume that we are there! There is work to be done, and it will take all of us. Barack Obama must now leave behind the historical event of being The First Black President, and concentrate on being The President Of Change. Only when we are stable enough as a nation so that being black or white or brown or purple is not an issue will life be right, IMO. Only when our deeds speak louder than our skin color, our clothing, where we live, what we drive or where we worship, will our standing be "good."

I don't know that I will live to see that day. Hopefully, I will be like many I've heard on TV today. Several in their 70s and 80s have said, "I never thought I'd live long enough to see a black man in the Presidency." So maybe I'll be lucky enough in 10 or 20 years to say, "I am so happy to say, the day of peace in human relationships in the USA that I thought would not happen in my live is here."

Oh, how I hope that.

We have work to do. It is not his job. It is ours!!! There has been a lot of hard work on both sides during these campaigns. Take today to sit down and rest, but tomorrow be prepared to work again!! For the next four years we have to do everything we can to help The Change be a real thing, not just an idea left behind in the dust of post-election apathy!!


  1. What a great time to see these changes in history. Imagine, - a Black President. And I remember when - imagine, a Roman Catholic in the White House. Unheard of!!!!Yeah Americans !.


  2. Ruth, I remember the JFK/Roman Catholic hubbub, too. We (people in general) are so afraid of the unknown. My answer to that is "then get to know ______ so it isn't an unknown anymore!" Yeah, Americans! But we can't let down our guard!! We must continue to work and support this man, 'cause he is walking into a hornet's nest.

    Thanks, Ruth!

  3. My mom is just going to be impossible to live with for the next four years but i am so happy he won. Its time for a change and someone new and fresh.

  4. I'm so glad you had a good night. Obama talked alot about the changes in our country when he referred to the 106 year old woman. It is truly amazing to think about all the change in one persons lifetime. This will be a huge chapter in the history books.

  5. Red, I couldn't agree more. Hint: Don't talk politics with your mom for a while!!!

    MJ, oh, yes, what a big chapter this will be in the books. I'm so glad that I had people to share it with; it made it so much more meaningful.

  6. Oh my gosh I am in love with Sammy. Can he come visit me? I promise to give him back. :)

    I think it's awesome that I was able to see in my lifetime an African American president. I am hoping that in my lifetime I will be able to get married (again) and have the same rights as I did in my first wedding.

  7. Caroline!!!! Shame on you! Don't you know what the Bible says about coveting your neighbor's dog?? Tsk, tsk.


    I believe that you will be able to marry, perhaps not as soon as we would like it to happen, but I think it will be possible. I don't get it either. But don't give up.

  8. I am very proud I was here to see history and I talked about it a little bit with Madison. She knows Mommy voted and that it is a very very important and precious right that she should vote.

  9. Patti, very cool that you have begun to introduce Maddie to the process! Keep it up!

  10. Sorry not a big fan of Obama. I did get a chuckle out of a comment he made about selecting a dog. He referred to himself as a mutt and boy did that go over. I am a mutt as well and I didn't find that comment offensive.

    It will be an interesting 4 years. He is a person with very little experience and he is walking into a freaking mess. I sincerely hope his inexperience will bring in fresh ideas but don't expect much from him until he gets his feet wet. Lets hope he doesn't drown.

  11. IE, he is walking into an unbelievable mess. I can't imagine it being something that anyone would deal well with. That is why I say we need to really be behind him. We need to be united as Americans at this time more than any time I can think of in recent history, or we could all drown.


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