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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Animal Rescue

I'm on a mailing list for dog rescues. It is a Shih Tzu rescue list, but often there are cross postings for other dogs, usually small ones. This is where I watched for the kids I have, and a couple of them (Sam & Max) were listed there. (If you haven't looked, go to and just begin looking at the lists of thousands of animals listed there. All these animals have been abused, neglected, or were strays rescued from the streets. And not every animal is fortunate enough to get on the petfinders site; many go to "pounds" or "animal shelters" that are not part of the petfinders network and where they are euthanized within days unless claimed. Rescue groups try to rescue as many as they can from those pits of hell, but it is impossible to save them all.)

A day or two ago was this headline on one of the posts:

Lancaster PA - 100 PUPPY MILL PUGS

How I hate those headlines. And they are there just about every day. Dogs coming out of puppy mills are often so emotionally damaged, not to mention the physical aqbuse of over-breeding, then toss into the mix other rotten things that those "breeders" do to their little meal tickets. ANYWAY .....

This morning I opened my newsletter and here are bits and pieces of the follow up on that headline.

Sorry folks- this email went usa wide and Tina got thousands of emails hence
why she could not respond. in the meantime- this is the sad news..

Ok I just received this so a heads up for everyone else. This is a shame it
gets posted publicly and spreads getting to the wrong people.


"Here is the problem. A puppymill is shutting down. I was to pick up as many
pugs as I could handle. Now that it'[s all over the internet as well as
criags list. Every breeder knows and I'm about certain, they will now be
selling them to another mill(s). Once they see they can get money for them,
they will not be surrendering them to a rescue. this has happened once
before, when we aren't quiet about this and overzealous, the dogs don't get
saved. Many breeders scan craigs list as well as free to good home sites to
get breeding dogs.
I have not heard back from the breeder at this time."

So as this sounds no pugs will be released to rescue. I guess lesson learned
to me and all of us to keep it quiet internally with the rescues instead of
spamming the internet:((( cruel world but this does happen!!

Okay -- I just got this from my rescue contact -- sad news indeed for these
little ones whose hope for freedom is now gone. :-((((

ONe person told me they saw this on Craigs list which is probably the worst
place it could go. I sent this info only to rescue -- now I am second
guessing myself wondering if some of the people on these lists are not all
about saving the dogs but just getting them.

Very sad news indeed.

There are puppy millers on these lists... unless you do a background check
on everyone you let join...

It breaks my heart because these dogs will likely be put back into horrid conditions OR sold to people who don't know what they are getting and will give up on the poor little things. Puppy mill dogs usually need lots of TLC to be socialized, and if you don't know this ahead of time, it could be a bad surprise. Many of them will be further mistreated because people don't "get it." Many will be tossed away, dumped. Many will be euthanized. Many will be passed on as people just want to "get rid" of them, and the possibility of the next person sticking it out is not good, either. A few lucky ones might find a good home, but the odds stink.

I guess there isn't much that can be done. What is happening to these dogs on Craig's list isn't illegal, I guess. The only thing that can be done is for everyone to get mad and take action against puppy mills. Please don't be passive about it. Even if you are not a pet lover you can understand that these innocent animals are grossly abused. No living creature deserves that. Support a rescue group. There are tons of them out there. Just google "animal rescue," and you will find plenty of places to give your support.

Excuse me. I have to go hug my babies and have a cry.


  1. The only dogs that I have ever had are from shelters or have been strays (Sophie). I remember when Laura wanted to spend $3,000 for a bulldog that was for sale at a pet store. I am so glad that we didn't do that.

    I was going to email you this morning....I had a dream about you last night. You had talked me and my brother (have no idea why he was in the dream) into going with you to get these 2 cats that needed to be rescued. We were driving all around the country looking for an orange cat (reminded me of Tigger and Brady) and then one that looked like Astro.

    I think it's graet that you are doing posts like this one. I think the more people realize how horrible puppy mills are the less likely they are to buy a dog from there.

  2. What a sad situation.


  3. Caroline, The only "store bought" dogs are ones that I was able to check out and know they were from good places: 2 chihuahuas from our neighbors, and Mai Lin from a very reputable pet store. I wasn't truly aware of the abuse problems and "puppy mills" was a fairly new term. Never again. I will rescue only and will keep as many as I can truly care for. I abhor animal abuse.

    I love that dream. Perhaps we were giving him a lesson in humanity??? It wouldn't hurt, but I don't know if it would "take." Gee I miss Tigger and Brady. And all the others, too. :')

    Obviously I feel passionate about the puppy mill issue. I wish there were a way to pound the message into the heads of those people who "can't stand to watch" new items on it, or those who just don't get how serious it is. I just want to scream, "GET A CLUE, PEOPLE!!!"

    My heart aches for the babies I can't bring home to safety.

    Ruth, I can't tell you how sad it makes me. I literally tear up at the thought of those little sweeties being "recycled."

  4. We are learning cats have issues also. I dont know what was done to Marvin but I do know she does not like other cats or her kittens now that they are done nursing. I am going to try and have her and kittens spayed and neutred (kittens definatly) and see if that will mellow her out if it doesnt she cant stay here and that makes me sad cause she is a very loving cat to people. But having her spayed may help us find her a one cat household. I just wont hand her over to anyone.

  5. Red, One step at a time. Yes, yes, yes, have Marvin spayed!!! Who knows if it will change anything about her, but whether you keep her or find her a one-cat home, have her spayed. And don't wait too long on those kittens; they can begin reproducing much earlier than most people would guess. I've known of kittens as young as 5-6 months to get pregnant!!

  6. Lyn can I comment on your comment lol. The kittens and Marvin are getting spayed and or neutred next month with income tax rebate money they are all going at once which is going to be an expensive bill but one worth it. My two bigger cats are neutred and the kittens are not going outside neither is Marvin till she is spayed.

  7. What a sad situation. I think about my poor Sadie as a puppy and where she would be if she were not rescued by someone truly interested in her welfare.

  8. OK, Red, I'll calm down. ;)

    MJ, I know, it is hard to think of those days in their lives, isn't it? I wonder what my "kids" went through before they came here.


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