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Friday, December 12, 2008

Dogs. Surprise!!

My dogs. There is always a story there.

A couple hours ago, I had returned from my little jaunts, and the dogs had finished their joyous cavorting to celebrate my glorious and triumphant return. I know, I know, but they act as if I've been gone for months to conquer the world every time I return home! It is SO good for the ego, let me tell you! Anyway, the pagan dances were done, and I put away groceries.

I sat down to check email, while the silly babies played tag and had wrestling matches. They went tearing out the doggy door to the deck, and suddenly there was a terrible shriek of pain. (Beans, you'll get that, right off!) My first thought was a collision of two dogs or perhaps getting stuck as two tried to get out the door at the same time, but it continued. Before the second shriek finished, I was off the couch and to the front door. Max was mostly outside the dog door, but had a back paw stuck. Apparently a claw got wedged in a tiny crevasse. I tried to free him, but in his pain, he was frantic, and clamped down on my hand a couple times. He didn't "bite," per se; no skin was broken, but I have some bruises where his teeth "grabbed" me. Owie, owie! I was able to get him loose, rather quickly and without big incident, but poor boy was frantic. Luckily there was no damage, no split nails, no bloody tear of skin. But I held him for several minutes to calm him, and bless his heart, he just melted into me! Gawd, I love it when one of them just gives it up to me like that.

On a more humorous note, I have to tell you. Jazi and Max often sit on the back of the couch. There is a solid piece to the couch with overstuffed cushions leaning on the back. Jaz and Max are both very adept at walking on the solid part, then when they want to curl up, usually behind my back, they have achieved the ability to incorporate the firm back with the cushion part into a stable resting place.

Now, Joey never goes there. My Joe is happy to curl up beside me, period. No frills. But Sam. Oh, my Sam. My silly Sam!! He wants to be up on the back of the couch with Jaz and/or Max. But, god love his little heart, Sam has not learned to navigate this territory!! He can't figure out that he has to walk on the solid part of the couch back, not on the cushions. Well, he kinda tried, but it seems his balance is, uh, compromised! So Sam starts trying to get around on the back, and it is like watching a Jerry Lewis routine! His feet slip and slide, he catches himself, then falls straddling the couch, climbs back up and tries it again. It is very comical!

And eventually, always, without fail ..... bless his heart, he slips down between the cushion and the solid back, in a wedge that is entrapping. Or so it would seem. Actually he can get out very easily, but he doesn't. Sammy just lays there, as if held captive! And there he remains for whatever period of time his active little spirit will allow! He is such a clown!!

OK, enough. I love my dogs. Can you tell?

Life is beautiful!!!!


  1. oh my goodness....your stories of those dogs is so entertaining.....I love them. They are such good company for you.


  2. I love how they have made each other family.

  3. Ruth, it's pretty easy to write entertaining stories with the material I'm given! They are funny kids! And good company .... oh, yes!

    Julie, yes, I do, too. In Social Work we are taught to accept "family" as defined by the clients. It's not an unfamiliar concept for most people any more. But animals demonstrate the concept so well. The dogs and I weren't "born together," but I defy anyone to contest that we are family!!

  4. First off - I have to apologize. I've not been a good bloggy friend at all. I'm going to endeavor to try to do better! :o)

    I love your doggy stories. They're so precious and yup, it's a little obvious you love your babies!

  5. Don't you just love how the babies welcome you when you come home. When I come home Sophie gets so excited as if she was saying, "I thought I would never see you again." Bonk always runs to the kitchen table like I am returning with food just for her.

    Glad to her that Max is OK. The worst sound in the world is a animal that is either hurt or scared.

  6. Jen, gee, I thought you were mad at me!! ;D I realize you've been pretty busy. But I am glad to see you here!

    ME?? Love these scalawags? Are you flippin' nuts?? LOL!!

    Caroline, yes, I certainly do. Sometimes, when my arms are full of shopping booty, I wish I could teach them to let me get in the door, put things down, and THEN attack! But that's not gonna happen!

    And yes, that sound breaks hearts. I hate it.

  7. my cat leif got his paw stuck once and tore a nail below the quick to get himself free. i took him to the vet and they wrapped up his paw in pink gauze. he had the gauze off in 10 minutes!!

  8. my cat leif got his paw stuck once and tore a nail below the quick to get himself free. i took him to the vet and they wrapped up his paw in pink gauze. he had the gauze off in 10 minutes!!

  9. (M)ary, I just hate it when they get hurt! And most of them really do hate bandages, don't they?

  10. Oh, Lyn. I hate the puppy shrieks--though I seriously had to laugh at the thought of two of them being stuck in the door . . .ok, so back to poor Max . . .OUCH. glad you could make him better!

    The cat sometimes likes to walk on the back of the couch and sleep in blanket we have there, but sometimes the blankets shift and the next thing you see-in slow motion is the blanket heading for the floor with the cat! funny stuff.

  11. Beans, I was just so relieved and happy that he didn't do any damage to the claw or foot. I couldn't help thinking, "What if I hadn't been home?" I'll cross that bridge later.

    I love the cat story! I can picture that! LOL!


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