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Monday, December 01, 2008

Muddling through Monday

I am so tired this morning. I had another of those restless nights, falling into a light sleep and waking, over and over and over. I finally slept from some time around 4:00 AM till almost 8:00, not enough, especially after the tossing and turning. I don't think anything was/is wrong, other than having a potentially very busy week, and wondering how I can balance it, get everything in.

I am set to power wash the ramp, steps and part of the deck today or tomorrow. Today is very windy and the high will be just 58, not a good combination when I'm going to get wet. No way can I not expect to get wet, even without the wind, but the wind factor would intensify the chill. Tomorrow is going to be 8-10 degrees higher, and that will help. I don't know about the wind tomorrow, but I must get this done one of the two days. The wood needs to dry thoroughly so I can weather-treat it and my window for that is Friday, Saturday or Sunday. I'm planning on Saturday. That has to be done while the temperatures are not too low, and those days are best.

I'm going to Albuquerque with Linda on Wednesday. We picked Wednesday because we want to make a full day of it. Tuesday and Thursday are out because I have dance in the evening both days. We are starting the waltz, and I don't want to miss the first few, critical lessons that will cover the basics. Friday was out because of my window for the deck. groooan.

I also want to drive to San Antonio (NM, not TX) which is near a wildlife reserve where I took pictures a couple years ago, and I wanted to have a photography day. Again I considered the weather for obvious reasons, and the best window is the same as for treating the deck, Fri, Sat, or Sun. Because of dance on Saturday night (yes, I'm doing 3 times a week), that day is out, leaving Friday or Sunday.

So all of this was rolling around in my head last night. I have the week pretty well planned, so I can't figure out why it was bubbling, but it was. I'm really tired, and I'm sort of glad that I can't do the power washing today. I'll clean house and rest up for the rest of the week. I also have a number of phone calls to make, both local and to shoe stores in Albuquerque. One of my errands is to buy dance shoes, and I want to be sure that I find a store as close as possible to our other shopping to make it easier and more efficient.

I'm enjoying the facebook experience so far. I received an invitation to be "friends" from a woman whose name I didn't recognize. (For those of you who aren't familiar, being"friends" opens my page to her and hers to me; unless we both agree, the pages are closed to outsiders.) She was friends with two of my blog buddies, so I figured it was someone whose blog I visit but does not use her name on her blog. So I accepted. However, nothing was familiar about her. I sent her a message asking how I know her, and she did not reply. She had a long list of friends, yet she does not communicate with them. She plays with a virtual pet and plays a word game. All the time. She has nearly 100 "friends" and I assume she is simply collecting virtual friends. Strange.

So I asked one of my blog buddies who she is, and she didn't know! She thinks she might have accepted the invite by accident by clicking on the wrong button. I cancelled my acceptance, and emailed the other blog buddy. She said about the same .... she isn't sure where/how/why she is "friends" with the woman! She is also checking to see how she got connected. I'm waiting to hear.

This morning I found one of my granddaughters on facebook. I had looked under her full name, but she told me via email that she uses just her first and middle name, and after surfing through 14 pages, I finally found her on page 15! That many people had the same or similar first and middle names, and I wasn't finished with the search list! sheesh. When I got to her page, I found that she has 212 friends! That's two-hundred-twelve!! Oh, to be 19 again! It's OK, I'll probably have trouble keeping up with my 14! LOL!

And Ruth from Canada is on facebook, so we got connected. It took a little while because there are as many people with Ruth's full name as there were of my granddaughter's. I finally figured out which one I thought was our Ruth, and meanwhile she was trying to find me. My name is unusual, so there aren't many there to confuse the issue. However, my account was new and hadn't hit the list yet. There was another woman with the same name with a middle name thrown in, and Ruth sent her a message thinking it was me! We finally got it together!

OK, I gotta move on to the next level. OK, OK, I'm going to read a few blogs while I finish my cuppa tea, THEN I'll get busy. Honest. Really!

Have a good day, y'all!! Don't forget to watch the video in the earlier post. It is too good to miss!!


  1. Ah, those wonderful, awful nights when sleep alludes us. Some of my favorite posts have been written in the middle of night!

    PS: We don't know each other yet. But we seem to have a lot in common!

  2. Beth, I've done those middle of the night posts, too. But I'm usually so vulnerable from weariness that I am careful about posting them!!

    Hey, before this blog, I knew only one of my buddies, so welcome! I'll be over to meet you soon!

  3. Kels has a facebook account and lists 894 friends. I know about half. Most that I know are from MYF. It is an interesting concept.
    She gets a lot of spam and I have wondered if they are connected. -S

  4. S, I'm laughing at myself because I couldn't figure out who "Kels" was, and before I read the rest, I was thinking this was spam!

    I doubt that it is connected. facebook has a disclaimer that they do not disclose your email addy. I've been there only a few days, but I've had nothing but the "approved" mail.

    This blog and its connected email is another story! I get 50-100 spam per day, but Yahoo does a good job of spinning it off into the spam folder. Less than a couple a month reach my inbox, but I have to check the spam, 'cause once in a blue moon the spam guard catches a legit one and sidetracks it.

    894??? What is that girl doing?? LOL!! I'm content with my measly few and the few more that might come along!

  5. Hard nights...hate it when all you hope for is sleep and no such luck. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Nice to met you.

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  7. Ren, gee, I hate them, too. Good to meet you, also! :)

  8. oh, the facebook addiction. i need to stop or set limits. what the heck did people do before the internet . . .

  9. I just set myself up with Facebook.

  10. Beans, what did we do? Talked!! In person and on the phone!!!

    Daisy, Yay! Send me a message at

  11. oh my goodness you have gone to the dark side of Facebook??? now i feel like the last person on earth without a facebook page.

    (depending on the day)

  12. M, mary, or (M)ary, it's very easy to get started! Jus' sayin'! C'mon, join us in our evil dance around the bonfire! LOL!

  13. Ok, I just looked for you on Facebook and had no luck. :( I only have 50 friends and lots of them are my kids friends so it's kind of fun!

  14. I'm enjoying Facebook too although I still find it a bit confusing!

  15. I come and go with Facebook. Sometimes the Lil Green Plants drive me nuts. Other days, I'm busy weeding OTHER PEOPLE'S gardens. It's a top-notch time-waster, and sometimes I guess we need that :)

  16. Patti, so do I. I amstill wondering about why I get some of the messages/comments from other's pages, and don't get other ones. Oh, well. I'm still having fun, and that was the biggest thing.

    Sandra, yeah, I doubt that I will ever really get into the virtual gifting, virtual pets, virtual plants, etc. I might gift once in a blue moon, but the rest seems to be over the top for me. But who knows. I've shouted "Nay, Nay!!" in the past only to have to eat my words. Still I don't see it.


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