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Monday, December 29, 2008


This is quick and just too cute!

Apparently the US Marshall's office put out a "news" item last week about the fact that they were trying to locate Santa Claus. On Christmas Eve, their phone bank was flooded with calls from children! They played a few of them on an Albuquerque TV station, and OMG, was it cute! Santa was seen flying over this town and that one; Santa was seen on a motorcycle on a certain street in Albuquerque. One kid said, "I'm Piper , and I just saw Santa on NORAD." Another said, "I saw Santa over New Mexico just a minute ago!"

Is that adorable or what???


  1. Love it...My problem is that Momo is 11 and is still struggling to believe. As much as I want to keep the thrill of Christmas alive, It's getting hard!

  2. Momo-Mama, scroll down and read some of the "I Remember a Christmas" posts I've done in the last few days. There are lots of little ways to keep the thrill!

  3. I got an email where you could track Santa via satellite, I forgot to do it but hopefully when Maddie gets older we can do that.

  4. I think that would be so much fun! I remember when my kids were small, some of the TV stations did a Santa tracking. One was really funny .... the guy would say "Santa's is in New York, no wait, Philadelphia, uh, in Nashville, er, Atlanta. Wait, he's already in Orlando, now Miami ...." It was cute because the kids believed that Santa could really, really move that fast!!!


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