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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Clean Smelling House


I rented a steam cleaner and cleaned all the carpets again. My back yard has been at least damp, often muddy, since back in November, maybe even October. The new grass, planted last summer, is quite dry now and not giving much cover, so the pups have been tracking in mud. It has not been badly noticeable, but I began to see paths of reddish brown on the light colored carpet. This afternoon or tomorrow morning, I will thoroughly clean the tile floors, as they need it as badly as the carpet. We will be sparkling clean again! Hurray, hurrah, huzzah!!!!

I'm a bit tired, but I have to say, it feels marvelous to have it all clean. There isn't much that makes me feel better than clean carpet, because it looks good, feels so much better, and the whole house smells fresh. I suspect that I will need to repeat the carpet cleaning about each 3 months. With 16 little feet going in and out (and in and out and in and out and in and out!), a lot of dirt is bound to come in on those tiny tootsies. It's worth the trouble to have the company of these precious pals with me. I know you're heard this before, but I can't imagine my life without these guys in it. Unthinkable.

Speaking of "unthinkable" .... a friend called me this morning, frantic. One of her dogs has been sick, seriously so, but she was doing better. She had some sort of infection, and a couple weeks ago spent about a week at the vet's clinic on IVs and getting other treatment. This morning, she was extremely sick, and when my friend called her vet, she was told that the vet "didn't have time" to see the dog! She wanted the name of my vet, but mine is at a conference this week. I suggested she call another friend who has a vet she likes. In less than an hour, perhaps less than 1/2 hour, I called to see if she got hold of another vet and see if I could help in any way. Her husband answered and I learned the dog died before they could get her anywhere.

Two things occur to me here. First, the dog probably wouldn't have lived anyway, given how quickly all this happened. But secondly, what the hell is wrong with the vet?? She knew how ill this baby was, and even if she (the dog) was going to die in the clinic this morning, it would have helped my friend to not feel deserted. I just don't understand how the vet could say "I don't have time." A third thought .... I'm so glad to have my vet. He is very compassionate and caring. I've not had good feedback on the vet my friend went to, and I know for sure I'm glad I started with the one I did.

OK, I need to dust and straighten all the things I've been moving around for two days, then I have to return the shampoo machine. No, wait, I have to return it first, 'cause my rental time is at 22 hours. Don't wanna pay another day because of dusting! Later, y'all!!!


  1. We like our vet also. He is going to give us a big break on spaying and neutering the kittens. He is also good with Pepper and Bufford I am sorry your friend wasnt helped

  2. I think your friend should write a letter to her Vet because I am wondering if the person answering the phone was the one that decided they didn't have time to see the dog. I am so sorry that she had to go through that.

    Yay for clean carpets. I used to love it when we would get our carpets cleaned because they looked so good and smelled so good.

  3. You have to teach those pups to wipe their feet when they come in from now on :)

  4. Bobbie, that's great. My vet give me a break on the rescued pets, too.

    Caroline, well, it wouldn't do any good. She has no hired help. Her husband is her receptionist, her assistant, everything! Her reputation with large animals (horses, cattle) is very good; not so much for small animals. I hear her office is dirty and smelly. I haven't been there. Her saving grace is that she is really good about enforcement of animal neglect and abuse. I donno. I wouldn't go to her unless she were the only one in town and I were desperate.

    Sandra, I've considered it! I saw a video of a little dog that came in the door and wiped his feet thoroughly on a little rug, and I wished I had the patience to teach them that! I'm still working on leashes and car rides!

  5. If you do decide to teach your babies to wipe their feet...please video tape it. I would love to see Sammy's reaction. hehe

  6. Lawdy, I'm trying to teach them to shake hands, and they just look at me as if I've lost my mind! Sammy looks at me, cocks his head, cocks it the other way, and as soon as I let go, he cocks it back! I guess I should be happy that he is paying attention enough to think I'm losing my mind!!!

  7. I got a steam cleaner for Christmas last year and really didn't think it was a fun gift. Then I used it. The best gift ever. I love clean carpet!

    I love my vet. They have always been so good to us. When Sadie was in the other day, the vet called 3 times to report. I'm sorry for your friend.

  8. MJ, if I had room to store one, I'd love to own it!!

    A good vet, one you feel confidence in, is a true treasure.

  9. Oh plese tell your friend I am so sorry for her loss. You know i'd be devastated........ :(

  10. Patti, I will, thanks. She is devastated about the dog, but seems to be leaning toward forgiving the vet. I don't get it. There are some extenuating circumstances, but ....


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