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Friday, January 16, 2009

Is it just me?

Hello? ...lo? ...lo? ...lo?

Is anyone out there? ...ere? ...ere?

I swear I don't think so! It is so quiet around here in Bloggerville that it is rather spooky. I'm thinking perhaps some of you have been foreclosed on, and you've just quietly slipped away! OK, OK, that's probably over the top, I admit, but it has been pretty quiet around my 'hood. I'm having visits, but it seems the comments are slow. Well, except for Patti, our Monogram Queen!! God love that girl, when she gets behind on reading, she drops by and dutifully reads and comments on every one of my 408 blogs in the last three days!! That's dedication! LOL!!

And in spite of it, I will continue right along, blogging my fool head off! Yes, to answer your question, I do talk to myself when I'm alone.

Day before yesterday I took Sammy on an adventure. I needed to go to Linda's and to the art gallery, and I decided to take him along. I'm taking The Kids one at a time on short, low stress jaunts to see how they do in public. I took Jazi a week or so ago, and of course, she did just fine, the little well-adjusted thing that she is. She has absolutely no trouble with strangers. I'm pretty sure Joey will be alright, too, as he is much like Jazi around others.

So this week was Sam's turn. I knew it would be more difficult for him. Remember, he was the most terribly damaged little kid when I found him. He is doing well with people who come to visit us, barking a bit in the beginning, but quickly settling down and approaching and befriending them. He is also doing beautifully when we walk around our neck of the woods. I can let him off the leash, and he stays close or returns immediately if I allow him to wander a bit. But all this is familiar territory, his territory! So we need to socialize him to people and places that are not his.

First we went to Linda's. Now, Sammy knows Linda well. She is at my house often, and when she is gone, he looks for her all over the house. But going to her house is very different. Linda has a cat (didn't worry about him, 'cause he would probably not be visible with a strange dog in the house) and two dogs. Blue is a mature and very cool hound. Blue likes everyone and is not difficult to get close to and enjoy. She is very sweet. Then there is Murphy, a year old Chocolate Cocker Spaniel, who is adorable and H.Y.P.E.R!!! Sammy is hyper at times, but Murphy puts him to shame! I knew it would be hard for Sam, but a good lesson.

Murphy was herself! She wiggled and squirmed and whined and gurgled, and Sammy froze! Caroline understands that, because she saw in months ago. He wasn't afraid of Murphy, he seemed just overwhelmed! He sat and watched her bounce around until she finally began to settle down, and he relaxed a little. But when she tried to scoot up close to him, he rolled his upper lip back and gave her a little throaty growl! She stopped, then again got a bit closer, and he snapped his jaws at her. Mind you he didn't try to bit her, he just growled very low and snapped the teeth without moving at all. After that Murphy settled down and so did Sam, and while I can't say they were "buddies" before we left, they were within inches of one another and both seemed reasonably calm. Good beginning.

Next we went to the gallery to have another lesson. It was a quiet day there with just a few people around, and Sam did pretty well on the leash. In fact, I could put the leash down and walk 10-15 feet away from him, and he stayed put. He watched me closely, but he didn't seem to be highly concerned. All in all, he was very subdued throughout the time we spent there, and of course, that isn't like him, but it was good to see that he didn't go into a state of shock being out of his element and around several strangers for about an hour. He allowed several people to pet him, and eventually just stretched out on the floor as if he knew he was safe, if not 100% comfortable.

In my judgement, this is a huge success. He did well for his "public debut," I think. I'll be doing this with all the dogs over the coming weeks with emphasis on Sam and Max. Well, that is, once I can get Max farther than the 2 miles to the mailbox! Bless his little heart, he isn't throwing up in that distance, and while he isn't drooling as badly as he used to, there is still enough drool that I hesitate to take him farther. Rome wasn't built in a day, right? And eventually, I'll be able to take Max places, too! I just have to work in baby steps.

When I get discouraged about the time it is taking to get through this training, I remind myself that I've always trained dogs from infancy, so this will be different. I'm training by removing bad habits and replacing with better ones. It is possible to teach an old dog new tricks, but it certainly is more difficult, too! Their lives with me have been just seven months in length, hardly a life time. And I'm so happy to be able to include them in anything I can, because that means they are mine. :)

Life is beautiful!!!!

PS - At 3:00 PM, I just returned from the mail run with Max, and .... are you sitting down? .... he didn't drool AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!! Poor guy doesn't know this means he will go farther next time!! LOL!!



  1. When the ex keeps two of the dogs, I love taking the third with me. I 'get'cha'.

  2. Kathi, I used to take all three of the "old" dogs almost everywhere, but the grew up doing that, so not a big deal. I'll be really glad when these kids get to that point! I can't travel till they can!!

  3. Hounds are great dogs. I guess on good days so are Aussie shepards. Great progress on the doggies. Pepper will make up to anyone after they get over the fear that she isnt going to eat them if anyone needs to do repairs in the house I hand them a milkbone and have them tell pepper to sit or I just kennel her. Bufford will tell anyone and everyone he is abused and please take him home. ( Hes not really abused unless sleeping on the couch 10 hours of the day constitutes abuse)

  4. I am here--though I have to say, your posts are sometimes overwhelming and you have such eloquently flowing posts that I want to thoroughly enjoy them . . but then a few days go by and there's a 500 page novel to be read. . . I can't keep up!

    The solution--I think you should move to a podcast!

    YEAH for no drooling!! This is a big step!

  5. Bobbie, yes, they are good dogs. Too big for my liking, but great personalities. Mine are all under 15#, and I wouldn't care if they were under 10!

    Beans, what? WHAT?? I write too much??? Oooohhhhh nnnnoooooo!! LOL! I know I do! This is what happens when you live alone and don't have another human to talk with!

    Oh, yes, I am thrilled with the decrease in drooling!

  6. Yeah for Sam and excitement in store for Max. It's awesome to hear how much progress the little ones are making. Sadie had (has) issues from her time before me but nothing like your little ones. Hang in there and before long they will be pro's at tagging along.

  7. MJ, I actually do see the progress, but it's hard to wait, you know? I'm really glad I have time to let them grow into who they can be.

  8. Whenever I check my email and I have more then 6 emails I know Patti has been playing catch up with her comments. :)

    Yay for Sam. That is wonderful. I imagine when I come to visit I won't even reconize him because from what you write I know he has already changed a whole lot.

  9. Caroline, that's for sure! LOL! Patti is certainly consistent and dedicated to her comments, bless her heart!!

    Yes, it is good to see Sam growing and getting more skills, and Max will hopefully be right behind him. It will be a relief for all of us. However, I have no doubt that you will recognize your little buddy!

  10. I love your post about your babies, it reassures me that I am doing the right things by Lulu.

    They are doing fantastic.

  11. I remember Margarita would drool horribly around strange animals. She was fine with people, but god forbid there were other animals. The first time it happened I stressed that she was having a reaction to the new flea med I had given her. LOL! I sure do miss that girl. MT is doing so well. She prances like a puppy!

  12. Pepper, I had no idea that it would talk this much work or time. As I said, I remember how dear they are and how full my life is because of them, and it no longer matters. And when I read about you and Lulu, it helps me, as well, because it correct my perspective since she is young and "adaptable" but is rebounding to her past, just like these guys.

    I'm glad we bumped into each other in this Blogville!

    TL, oh, yes, she did! I guess when they identify something as stressful, it just takes over. The vet and I have struggled with this to determine whether it was motion sickness or stress causing Max's problems.I'm relieved that we are moving in the right direction with him, and that my little Sammy is leaping ahead in his work. He's remarkable!

    I miss Rita and my "old kids." China, like MT, pranced right to the end. Even the day she left me, with her lungs rattling audibly, she pranced. Aren't they special little dogs? :')

  13. i'm here.
    i've been bad about commenting.
    partly because i ahve to sign out and sign in under another email account and .....
    anyway, helllloooo!

  14. :D Hellllooooo, Cameo!! I have multiple email accounts, too, and I'm always in the wrong one!

  15. I'm here too, Lyn. You are one of the bloggers I read faithfully. You are just so very genuine and I luvs you a bunch. So please forgive me for adding to the echo in blogland as of late! I'm always behind in the commenting department, but I read you in my emails very very regularly. :)

    P.S. Yay for not drooling!!

  16. I meant to say Yay for MAX not drooling!!

  17. Cathy, why I worried, I don't know. Just one of those momentary insecurities, I suppose. Silly. But I'm glad to know you're still out there reading, as busy as you are!

    And, Yay for not drooling, whether me or Max! LOL!!

  18. I don't comment much but I enjoy reading your blog.
    What great progress the kids are making....I can hear the pride in your voice. You have done a wonderful job with all of them.
    YEAH for you and for them.

  19. Kim, yes, I am proud, totally in love with my 4-leggers. And thanks for reading and your comments. I'm glad you drop by!

  20. Yep, i'm loyal and true-blue -a friend til-the-end! :)

  21. Yes, darlin', I know that! :)


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