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Monday, January 05, 2009

It's Monday. What Were You Expecting?

See? I knew it wasn't just me! I posted a while back about how I hate that TV ads are so much louder than the programs and how the dogs even reacted to it. I tried to find that post, but it eludes me this morning. Anyway, here is proof that I'm not the only one.......

So .... Good Monday Morning! I 'spose you're expecting Monday Movies, aren't you? May I ask you a question about that? Thank you. Here it is .... Do you actually thing I'm here to provide for your amusement? Oh. I guess you're right. I am. sighhhhh

OK, on with it then!

I've begun exercising. Here is my routine. Well, I actually do it a little differently than this woman does, but this will give you an idea of what I'm into.

After that routine, I find it helpful to have a good deep-tissue massage.

Ahhhh. What a way to start my day!!


  1. That's pretty incredible--the lady and the ball. Wonder if she ever played basketball or soccer too.

    Besides playing louder in decibels, it also seems like TV ads go on for longer and longer. It's now five minutes of commericals, then ten minutes of programing. I just told my wife yesterday I can do with out TV now. She can't though.

  2. Dave, isn't it? It wowed me!!

    I thought I could do without TV, also, once upon a time. I actually listen to more music and read, etc., so I thought I'd do without it when I was in KC for just a few months after my hub died. I would be busy, anyway, so I didn't worry about it. For about a week! Then I realized just how much I do watch it, regardless of my reading and music and restoration activities. It's a love/hate relationship, for sure, but I need it, I'm embarrassed to admit!

  3. Cute, cute!

    I also hate that commercials are so much louder. I'm glad I'm not the only person who notices it!

  4. TV ads annoy the be-jeebers out of me!

  5. Cheryl, for a long time I thought it was just me, too. No, we are not crazy!! My dogs said so!!

    MQ, don't they? Arghh!!

  6. Loved the video of the cat and pup, precious.

  7. I love the cat/dog massage video. I have seen that before and every time it is funny.

    My grandfather used to make everyone shut up during commercials. he could care less about the program, but commercials were his favorite. some of them just irritate me though, and i have flat out boycotted places or products because of their stupid jingles and ads.

  8. Kathi, yeah, I thought that was cute, too!

    Beans, I've been known to mute the TV during Superbowl(if a favorite team isn't one of the two) but turn it up during the commercials. The that is the only time I'm really OK with them. I agree that when commercials are annoying, I avoid the product. And being loud and annoying doesn't help!!

  9. The ball routine is amazing. Love the cat and dog. I'm with you on the TV a love hate relationship.

  10. MJ, I know, that fascinated me. hee, hee! I just realized .... TV is like a man, can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em!!

  11. I hate the loud commercials, too! So annoying. Makes me not want to watch TV (I type as I'm sitting here, watching GMA).

    The lady with the ball? I can do that with my eyes closed! (because I have to be dreaming.)

  12. Jen, LOL! I'm watching Today, but same ol', same ol'!

    How I would love to be so limber! But I'm bending around a lot more, uhmm, excess body tissue than she is. But I can still touch my toes!!!

  13. Catherine, glad you enjoyed!!


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