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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Let's Dance!

Dancing our way into history!! (Thanks, Cameo!)
(Don't forget the trivia below)


  1. Wow, somebody's got to have a lot of time on their hands to put something like that together. I'm not an Obama fan but that was pretty cool.

  2. Dave, I was thinking about the skill of matching up the clips so well. Yeah, cool, indeed.

  3. I have been watching since early morning and I found the whole thing so darn emotional, and I'm not even an American. I can't imagine how all of you feel.

  4. Ruth, there are few words that seem to capture my emotions. O can say this much .... I'm so proud knowing that many long years and the struggles of those years have come to something so powerful.

    Tissues abound in my house.

  5. Very cool video. I am excited about what he can and already has done for the country.

  6. hehe-that's great. Have you heard the Obama song?

    I haven't seen all of the inauguration yet--that's what a new job will do for ya!! I am hoping to catch up on everything tomorrow night.

  7. Beans, "the Obama song"??? The one that is around of late is the Obama Irish Song that I posted a few days earlier. If that is not it, send it to me!

    It was a great day. Aren't you glad we have DVRs and Tivos??


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