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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Old Dogs/New Dogs

I've noticed some interesting things about The Kids. Perhaps I'm just waking up to these things. Perhaps these characteristics have been there, and I'm just seeing them now, but I really think they are new since Ali and China crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Since losing them, I've noticed the development of some traits in The Kids that I used to see in the Old Guys.

Ali used to talk to me a lot. Glenn and I used to swear that he was trying very hard to communicate things with us, and if he could have had words, I'm pretty sure he would have done so. He would some times come and stand in front of me with vocalizations (almost little throaty growls) and woofs. Slow me, it might take several of those woofs before I realized he was trying to tell me about something. If I stood up, he would "take me" to a place, a thing that he wanted me to see. (What is it, Lassie? Timmy is down the well?) For instance, if the water bowl was empty, he would tell me. He also told me about other things that were not to his liking. To go outside, or to have a door opened, if there was a strange animal outside, and a few times when he was worried about China or one of the other animals in our family. Once Tigger, our big yellow tabby was in a horrendous fight, and Ali wanted us to go help. He was always so vocal about it, and I often felt stupid that I couldn't understand him, as hard as he was trying!

These days, my talker is Max. He is less of a woofer. He actually makes those funny vocalizations that sound as if any moment, he will make words out of it. You know those dogs on TV and YouTube that say "I want my mama"? He is really close to that sort of thing. Actually, now that I think about it, for a while Ali would look at me and say "mama." I forgot about that. Anyway, Max tells me things. If one of the others gets out and goes on a lark, Max tells me. Now, in honesty, he is probably letting me know so I'll let him go, too, but he does alert me at that anomaly. He stands in front of me, nervously looking in the direction of the "problem," and make these little gurgle/woof/yip/yap noises in his throat, and I know I need to follow him. Sometimes he hears or sees something that he doesn't understand, and he makes that funny throaty noise that Tim Allen used to make on his show "Tool Time." It's a question, like "what was that?" with a definite question mark at the end!

Joey has just recently begun talking to me a little, also. His is limited to one topic thus far .... around 8:00 or 9:00 at night he sometimes standing in the middle of the living room and bark at me, just as Ali used to do when he wanted to go to bed. Correct that; when he wanted ME to go to bed! Joe is doing that, telling me he thinks it is time for us to repose for the night!

Joey definitely has Ali's wanderlust. Now, if we go for a walk together, he says right with me. Someone has apparently taught him to 'heel,' as that is exactly what he does. However, allowed to get out of the enclosure without me, he is gone like a rocket, wandering the roads and the forest. He actually prefers the roads. Joey doesn't seem to like getting his feet muddy or wet or whatever. I suppose he might have been a city boy in his previous life, but apparently a wandering city boy!

And when he is here in the house, Joey want to be close to me. China and Mai Lin were much that way, playful but always wanted to sit in my chair with me. Cuddlers, for sure. All four of the newbies are cuddlers, but Joey has the greatest devotion to being my napping buddy.

Sam and Jazi have some qualities of Mai Lin and China in their playfulness. These two will hide and watch another of The Kids doing something, and spring out, pouncing and tackling them. Mai Lin was extremely playful and loved to instigate play with her buddies. I'd have to say that Sammy is the most aggressive of these four. He seems to be almost unable to exist anywhere between being asleep and going at life full-bore!!

And Jazmyn is doing her part to promote the lingering memories of the predecessors. Some mornings she is simply Little Princess Lay-Abed. Remember that Ali and China would lay in bed snoozing away many mornings until noon unless I got them up? Well, little Missy doesn't do it every day, but on occasion, she just loves having the whole bed for herself after the rest of us vacate the space. I sometimes find her almost in the middle of the queen size bed, on her back, all four limbs splayed out like she is about to be drawn and quartered!

It's kinda neat to feel that the Old Babies are living on through the New Babies. :')

~ ~ ~ ~

On another note, I put new batteries in my kitchen clock. It is one of those which plays bird sounds on the hour (I know, lots of people find those clock annoying and would probably leave it silent, but I like it), but the battery in the sound part was bad a long time ago. Since I was replacing the one that make the clock run, I also replaced the one for sound, too. In doing so, I created my own entertainment for the day!! The birds love it and are chirping and singing back to the "new birds" on the wall! But the dogs ... OMG, they are so funny! They sat beside me with great interest while I was setting the clock earlier and listened to the sounds of the different birds as I ran the clock ahead to the right time. Since I hung it on the wall around 10:00 this morning, every hour there is a scampering around the placee as they try to find whatever bird is loose in the house! It stops, of course, shortly after they start looking, and they settle back to the floor with an air of "what the hell was that and where did it go?" I wonder how long it is going to take for them to get adjusted! Well, till then, I have a new passtime!! LOL!! Aren't I a bad mom? giggle!


  1. I think it is sweet that you are seeing some of the oldbabies traits in the newbabies as well.

    Reilly can actually say "out" plain as day. He, too tries so hard to communicate with me. It's very sweet!
    I just love hearing about your babies. I love knowing other appreciate and love their four-leggers as much as I do.

  2. Nooo not a bad mom..a creative
    one to keep the whole family entertained.

  3. My in laws have the same clock and their jack russel barks at it everytime it goes off.

  4. The way that pets communicate is an endless source of interest and amusement :)
    You love your babies !

  5. MQ, I love it when they try to talk with us. It is so endearing! Yeah, it's no secret that I'm a great big goober when it comes to these guys!

    Ruth, thanks! I just enjoy their antics so much, and I suppose when they provide me with laughter, it is repayment for Room & Board!

    Bobbie, these guys are already calming down about the clock. They look, but that's about it. Jack Russells's are a lot more nervous than Shih Tzu, so maybe that is what the difference is. I donno!

    Annie, isn't it? I suspect that is a big reason for keeping our furry buddies close. :)

  6. What a great post. It's amazing that we get what we need most in our lives and how things that we enjoy keeping coming back in different ways.

    I would love to be there when the clock went off.

  7. Thanks, MJ. I would suppose that we create some of what we need, don't you? For instance, those traits .... did they develop recently, or is it that I began seeing them because I wanted to? I don't know, but it is comforting.

  8. LOL at the dogs and the clock. Why am I thinking that I gave you guys that clock? I may be wrong, but I am thinking maybe I did.

    I can't wait to come and visit and really get to know the babies. When I saw you in June Max and Sam were still so new and unsure of a lot of things. Whenenver I need a good laugh all I have to do is think about you trying to walk Sam on the leash. :):) That was probably the funniest thing I have ever seen.

  9. Caroline, I honestly do not remember where the clock came from, but it makes total sense to me that you gave it to Glenn. We'll stick to that story, anyway, won't we? :D

    I can't wait either! You are going to be amazed! They will bark at you for a few minutes, but Same is animated now! I can no longer pick him up on the leash like a ceramic critter! LOL!

  10. oh, i sold a chirping clock on ebay once for a lot of money . . .i wonder what the kids would do. i love watching dogtown with them in the room . .riley's head looks like poltergeist when he hears the dogs bark!

  11. Beans, I'm cracking up, because every time dogs bark on TV, my guys go running out the doggy door to protect their territory! LOL!


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