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Friday, January 23, 2009

Some Days Finds are Great!!

I ran into the thrift shop today, and I came away very pleased. I had a white windbreaker, a canvas sling bag, and a cup heater for my coffee/tea .... for 50¢!!!

I was talking with the volunteer and picked up an application to volunteer myself. This little thrift store supports the local library, an independent library, run completely by volunteers and on the money from the thrift shop and donated money. They avoid taking funds from sources that put stipulations on them, such as banned book lists. I admire that. Then just before I walked out of the store, I looked down in a case on the counter and saw this ....

I spent $5.50 today. Well worth it, I think!


  1. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh that is so pretty - good finds for you today.

    I have a dog story for you...

    Last night daughter -in-law called to see if I would look after the 2 boys while she took grandaughter to hockey.....they didnt want to go so she dropped them and Bella with me along with their supper from McDonalds. They sat at the kitchen table and ate and then joined me in the family room.

    I said....Griffin where is Bella?

    He said I dont know Gramma but I will go check

    He returned and said...Gramma she was on the table

    I said what table

    He said the kitchen table

    I said OMG what was she doing?

    He said....finishing Camerons french fries complete with ketchup

    I might lose my position as doggie care taker.......but sure had a good laugh.

    Hope she wasnt sick...they dont give her table food LOL

    Just had to share with a dog lover!!!!

  2. Very nice. We have a thrift store in our area and the money goes to the humane society. I found a carousel plate valued at 50 dollars I know this cause I have several for 25 dollars. I love finds like that.

  3. Oh, Ruth, that is hilarious! I don't usually give mine table food, either, but occasionally the will get a little sumptin'! Max was a street dog, and he definitely has a taste for it, and he sits under my feet while I prepare things. Just in case, you know!

    The other day I was putting some grated cheese away, and I was zipping the bag while walking. I almost dropped it, and about 1/3 cup went all over the floor, and the kids had a ball!

    BTW, does McDonald's count as "table food?" LOL! Just wondering!

    Bobbie, yeah, finds like that are amazing! I love it!

  4. Great finds. the necklace is so pretty. Love great buys.

  5. MJ, thanks, I was happy to find it. I couldn't believe hand made filigree pendant for $5!!

  6. Ooh you KNOW I loves me some Thrift stores.... my dream is to go to some really great ones in larger cities but you'd be surprised WHAT you find and WHERE!
    Good eye Lynilu!

  7. Patti, my experience is that big or small, there are treasure is you look well. I actually find nicer things in the small-town ones, and in the bigger ones in cities, there is a lot to "sort through" to find the treasures. Either way, the treasures are great!


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