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Monday, January 26, 2009

That Governor Guy

Good grief. That Blagojevich (I'm not sure that's spelled right, and I'm not bothering to look it up) is a nut! He has been on the news all morning, is now on The View, and he sounds like a broken record as he tries to 'splain his way out of his situation. Every time he opens his mouth, it is for saying the same things: he's innocent, he's being set up, the system is unconstitutional, and he is a great guy (like Mandella and ML King, etc.) being wrongly viewed.

Me thinks he doth protest too much. Me thinks he may be off a mental balance. What do you think?


  1. Since I am off work today I have had the chance to watch him also. I loved how Barbara Walters really grilled him and yes he is saying the same thing over and over. He needs to just go home, spend time with his wife and children because I have a feeling that he is going away for a very looong time.

    What did you think about him saying that one of his choices for replacement was Oprah???

  2. Doesn't he sound like a pull-string toy that keeps repeating the same things each time you pull the string? Yes, he needs to let it go and find some reason in his life.

    About Oprah .... I respect her and admire how she has taken charge of her life, but .... I know I'm going to take some flak for this .... I'm SO over her. Picturing her in politics, well, no I can't picture that. She is an entertainer.
    We don't need any more sugar coating in politics. OK, people, you may now open fire!!

  3. I kind of agree with you about Oprah. I think she has done a lot of really good things for a lot of people and at times she has even inspired me, but I kind of think she has a huge head now. I wish she would go back to the old Oprah where she seemed like she was one of us, with the same struggles. I find it hard to get inspired from her and the whole losing weight thing because losing weight is really easy when you have several personal trainers and someone to do all your cooking. When you are struggling with $$, it is really hard to fit healthy food into your budget.

    Whew...OK, I think I am done.

  4. Me thinks I had a boss like him once.....yeah, he's nuts. But he sure knows how to get a lot of air time.


  5. Betty, don't you wonder about people who seem to have no connection with the real world? Yes, the is making the rounds of all the talk shows today! gah. He's sumptin'! And yeah, most of us have had a boss like that at one time or another! The lucky ones of us can say "had" not "has."

  6. I am not an Oprah fan at all. I also agree that hes sorry he got caught is all and now trying to get out of it. They should be looking at his wife also. I watched him on Good Morning America. One thing he cant say is he didnt get to explain his story.

  7. Bobbie, yep, he's had lots of "explaining" time. The thing is, I don't know how he thinks it is going to help him to whine to the public. He's just goofy.

  8. Blago- what a trip he is! I just think it is wrong that the leader of a state has the same hairdo as this guy :

    Oprah- I remember ( and i'm dating myself here) when she was a local news anchor for the cbs affilate in Nashville TN. I admire what she has accomplished, but I don't think she would make a good senator and I doubt that he had seriously considered her- I think he's just trying to divert attention from his own bad behavior!

  9. I think that dude is a load of crap!!!!

    I couldn't agree more with you and Caroline about Oprah.

  10. YG, "a trip" is very kind of you, I think.

    Oprah - I very much admire her fortitude during that journey to the top. I think it is amazing that she was able to do it at the time she did, and I don't want to take that away. It was a door-opening of huge proportions that helped a lot of people. I've simply become tired of what seems to be a stilted personality in the last few years. I know it isn't always like that, but the glow no longer shines in my eyes.

    Daisy, load of crap, fer sher!! Really a loser!

  11. How would you like to do therapy with that one!

    Out of touch with reality - I can handle that

    Combativeness- I really don't mind it

    But...Denial- it annoys the crap out of me

  12. Two fries short of a happy meal is my professional opinion.

    Can you imagine having a cup of coffee with him and trying to have a conversation?

    Scary thought.

  13. I agree with you, he is definitely protesting too much.

    He got caught with his hand in the cookie jar. My advice to him: "Be a man and move on for pete's sake!"

  14. MM-MM, lawdy, NO!! His traits would cause me to become pathological myself! His denial has reached the level of being out of touch. I think he actually believes himself. Yikes! He seems pathologically constructed like those who took apart our economic world .... "take all possible and deny, regardless of facts, I'm entitled."

    Pepper, not only is he short those fries, but he has also slathered catsup on everything else on the plate to cover up the shortage! No, I cannot fathom a "conversation" with him! shudder.

    Patti, Not only did he get caught, but his explanations/arguments from one show to the next yesterday were so rehearsed that you knew there was no reality behind it. He would even raise his voice to continue the thread if someone tried to ask a question or say "Wait a minute." Sick man.


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