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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

What Did You Come Away With?

Some of my favorite moments:

Seeing the masses of people standing in that cold plaza in order to be part of this day, this event.

Hearing "America the Beautiful" sung so beautifully and meaningfully.

Recognizing that the stirring music of the string quartet, as beautiful as it was, was made even better by the symbolism of our national identity in the musicians, a blend of nationalities.

George H. W. and Barbara Bush wore purple scarves to signify that there should be no red or blue now, but the blending of American peoples working together.

The element of real life, human error during the oath, when the Chief Justice muffed the words a little, and Mr. Obama simply smiled and continued.

Several references, including of course, from President Obama, of coming together to put things right.

The President's speech was simple and direct, easy to understand, reflective of past while full of hope for the future.

The New President's reflection of the journeys of many to reach this place.

My interesting mixture of sense about our new President as being a very honest and real person that I could speak with directly and feel on an equal basis, and the immense sense of awe that I feel for him.

My own emotion as the national anthem was sung so beautifully while seeing our flag waving in the wind.

What was your favorite moment or observation?


  1. WOW! I just don't know what else to say.

    Today was an amazing day. I was a little miffed that I had to volunteer at Jayla's school this morning. But once I gave it more thought, I realized that that's exactly what I SHOULD have been doing. Serving! So with that in mind, I did my duty and still got home in time to see the inauguration. :-)

    I was first impressed by what a gorgeous, albeit cold, day that God blessed Washington with.

    I was next impressed by how "well behaved" everyone was. I mean, not that I expected anything other than that. But to see it, was awe inspiring.

    I enjoyed when the cameras would pan through the MASSIVE OCEAN of people, and show the diversity of that ocean.

    I enjoyed the happy tears that flowed down the faces of many people.

    I enjoyed the saluting that was done by those no longer in uniform.

    I enjoyed the prayers that were spoken and how they had a little something for everyone.

    I LOVE how humble President Obama appeared. (he always does, actually)

    I love the look of love in Michelle's eyes when she looks at her husband...especially today.

    What a day!!!

  2. The John Williams piece was amazing! Yoyo Ma and Itsahk Perlman! Gorgeous.

    Also, simply seeing the looks on peoples' faces - whether in the inaugural crowd or just around my office this morning. "Moving" doesn't begin to cover it.

  3. Oh, and my superficial fave moment: our First Lady looking SO beautiful and composed! She's stunning.

  4. It was so cool because at work everything stopped for 30 minutes and we all (clients included) watched Obama being sworn in. It was a great moment and I loved every moment of the speech and for the first time in a long time I felt like things were going to be OK with the United States. But my favorite part was right before Biden and Obama were sworn in and they had the instrumental music. At one point the camera was behind Obama and he was just looking straight ahead looking out at the mass of people. I wondered what he was thinking and also if he knew how much he has changed this country so far.

  5. Ummmmmmm I missed it read blog. I reserve comment till I catch up

  6. I'm not going to reply to each comment, but .... YES, YES, YES, YES!!!!!!


  8. I think everyone was inspired by the day--how could you not be. The music almost made me cry. He is an awesome speaker and I agree with you--someone whom I feel I could have a regular converstaion with.

  9. MJ, I should have said I could have a regular conversation with him, after I quit stammering ans stuttering around!!

  10. I loved the smiles on everyone's faces - people in the elevator at work, the cashier at the grocery when I stopped to buy champagne to celebrate, etc. It just seems like we collectively let out our breath after holding it for 8 years.

  11. My favorite moment- When GW got on the plane to go back to his ranch.

  12. I'm with Daisy on this one. :)

  13. George H. W. and Barbara Bush wore purple scarves to signify that there should be no red or blue now, but the blending of American peoples working together -

    I REALLY REALLY like that part!

  14. Patti, I did, too. And I'm proud to say that I recognized the significance before the commentators said anything!


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