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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Getting the Hang & Hanging on!!

I am getting the hang of cooking for (almost) one. I wanted some ravioli tonight. No, I didn't make it, because I have some really good frozen four-cheese ravioli. That works well because I can cook four or a dozen at a time. I had no red sauce. I haven't made homemade sauce in years, but I knew I needed to get back to it for many reasons, the most important being that I can make a really small amount.

So I tossed together a very small saucepan of ingredients and let it simmer for several hours. Meanwhile, I enjoyed a glass of Merlot and some chats with some friends on the phone. Some greens from a local greenhouse, a few alfalfa sprouts, feta cheese and baby shrimp in a bowl with sun dried tomato dressing, and I was ready to eat.

I haven't lost my touch. It was very good sauce. I have just enough sauce for one big or two small meals to go into the freezer for a few days.

Tomorrow is a big day. Lolita goes in to be spayed. I'd hoped to wait longer for her adjustment to the family and to lower the risk to her by waiting till she is out of heat, but that would be another month and everyone in the house is going crazy! The hoped-for adjustment is not going as well as it should because of the stress of it all. The three boys don't have the equipment any longer, but they haven't forgotten the smell and what they are supposed to do when it occurs. They follow her around, giving her "hugs" until the poor little girl either snaps at them or looks at me like "Heeeelllllllpppppp!" Occasionally the boys get cross-wise with each other and we have a loud set-to. I've had to put Max into time-out several times. He even walks around with a slight, involuntary humping action at times. So we are going to give everybody a break. Lolita will still have a scent for a week or so, but it will be lighter, and it will ultimately be over more quickly than if we wait. My nerves are ragged, and I'm not directly involved. I can't imagine how all of them are doing! The spaying needs to be done for our peace of mind.

Tomorrow will be tough for Lolita's mamma.



  1. I am officially inviting myself to your house for dinner. It sounded so good, I'm hungry now. I wish I could cook!

    I think it is smart to get the baby spayed. We waited too late with Daisy and it was not only very messy, but we had male dogs howling outside throughout the day and night. She is an indoor dog, but somehow they knew. Luckily, Sadie is a girl. I honestly can't stand the thought of being away from her or having her feel so scared. YET, that is my stuff and I scheduled the surgery.

    Thanks again for your support. When you have time, I want to run some issues by you regarding my Alternative Program. I think it is now actually working, but there are kinks. I love it now, love the kids, but boy can they be difficult and so disrespectful.

    Take Care.

  2. Cheryl, c'mon down!!

    She would have been spayed about 2-3 weeks after I got her if she weren't in heat. I wanted to let her feel comfortable at our home before we sent her away and made her hurt. But with her coming into heat the day I got her, everything just has become crazy.

    When a dog is in heat, males dogs will smell it for a block or more! I understand how you feel about her being away and scared.

    Cheryl, you can email me anytime. Just fire away! I know what you mean about the disrespect. I went through that for 10+ years, loving the kids and even knowing they loved me back, but they couldn't change their behaviors of "status." Tough stuff!

  3. We will say lots of prayers for Lolita (and her Momma). I know she will be just fine and I know the boys could use some rest. :)

  4. I apologize for this but don't know how else to contact Carolyn. I can't read your blog! I thought I'd given you my email address but it says I haven't been invited... :( Pretty please?

    Hi Lynilu! I'm sorry to hijack your space for a moment. Guess I'll go read this post now!

  5. Poor Lolita. I can still remember when we took our Doogie to be neutered. He was one sorry looking pup for a long time. Our youngest said afterwards, "I knew they were going to take away his ability to be a father. I didn't know they were going to take away his spirit."

    Personally, I think the fact we had it done by a volunteer at the local humane society had something to do with it. If I had it to do over, he'd have gone to a regular vet.

    Your sauce sounds scrumptious.

  6. Caroline, I know she will be OK, I just hated doing it so soon. And she was SO scared when I left her there.

    Tracie, I sent along your message to her email.

    Dave, I don't know that I could use a stranger. It was hard enough leaving her with people I know, trust, and have great confidence in. I'm sure she and I will both recover!

    The sauce was very good!

  7. MQ, me, too, but I won't relax till I have her home.

  8. Set a plate for me...yummy. Sounds like a perfect dinner. Poor little girl--but once she is back home, sounds like the adjustment will be the best for all.


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