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Saturday, February 14, 2009



Hodge: We have a new game at our house. Any time that someone, known as the designated eater (guess who). sits on the couch to eat something, all the other players crowd around, getting as close as possible without getting yelled at. When someone gets yelled at, all players scatter, pout, then as subtly as possible ease back in to the closest position. Game ends when the designated eater is finished and removes all plates, napkins, glasses, etc., from the game area. At this time, all players resume their previous positions, sprawled on the floor, acting as if the designated eater doesn't exist. Bonus points go to the player who is able to steal the designated eater's napkin before it is in the trash; triple points if said stolen napkin is carried out of the house.

Podge: I spent a couple hours in total wasted activity updating my Tomtom GPS today. I didn't but any updated maps. I'll wait until shortly before my next long road trip so it will be as current as possible. I just updated all the freebies. I downloaded several new voices; one is a nice male Aussie voice, another is Cleetus, a southern gentleman(?) ("Y'all kin git out now. Yer where you was goin'."), and Darth Vadar ("You have reached the Dark Side."). I'll be turning the GPS on for a while, even for local trips, just to hear the voices.

Hodge: I'm having a quiet day today, most spent on the couch listening to music, reading, and I'm going to put in a movie in a little bit. I'm full of aches. No, it isn't from the fall, at least not directly. The fibromyalgia is stirred up, probably secondary to the stress of the fall. Anyway, I'm taking it rather easy. I plan to take the gang for a walk a little later, but we won't go too far. It will do the kids good to stretch their legs and look for some new paths to take the next time they elope from home. Time well spent.

Podge: I bought a paring knife with a ceramic blade a couple months ago, and I absolutely love it. I bought it because (1) everyone can always use a good paring knife, and (2) it was the cheapest of the line, to see if I really liked it before spending on the larger, more expensive ones. It is wonderful. Well, as long as you keep away from your fingers with it! Dayumm, does that thing slice through a finger in nothing flat! It is super sharp. I've sliced my fingers several times, but never deeply (knock-knock). After using it for about a month, I decided to invest in another, and I ordered a 5 inch micro-serated slicing blade. It slices things so easily and something such as a tomato can be sliced ultra-thin. Marvelous! The only draw back is that you can't use them with glass cutting boards (dulls them before their time) so I had to invest in a couple little plastic cutting boards. I had quit using plastic for sanitation, and used a wooden board for only bread. But I'll just clean the plastic boards with bleach or peroxide to keep them safe. It's worth it to use the ceramic bladed knives.

Hodge: Life is pretty darn good, isn't it? I have few complaints, and the ones I do have should probably be ignored. Jus' sayin'.

Podge: I have no plans for tonight. Not that I usually do something on Saturday night, anyway. I must say, for the first time in quite a while, I actually sorta wish I had someone to spend a cozy evening with. Oh well! I should have thought about that a long time ago and been prepared by finding a man. I have several movies recorded or on rental, so I guess I'll tuck in with The Kids and make my eyes go square tonight. sigh.

OK, I'm hodge-podged out. I hope you all have a pleasant evening, whatever you're doing and whoever you're doing it with (or without). Happy Valentine's Day!!



  1. Happy Valentine's Day Lynilu!! Love the new game at your house. Sounds very similiar to how it is at my house. Ben used to never like people food,but he suddenly loves it and will come beg for food along with the other 2.

    I am also having a quiet day. I watched the movie "W" and it was very interesting. YOu might check it out.


  2. One of my co-workers has one of those ceramic knives and loves hers as you do. I may have to invest in one myself.

    Happy Valentine's Day.

  3. Happy Valentine's Day. I hope you enjoyed it. We have a similiar game at our house but only one other player.

  4. Caroline, these guys bring new games to the table frequently, and this one is the newest. They are getting really good at it.

    I've heard that is a good movie. Thanks for the reminder. :D

    Daisy, they are pricey, but they supposedly hold their edge a long, long time and sharpening is free. I'm so tired of knives that don't hold the edge and that don't slice straight because of the poor edge!

    MJ, I think dogs world wide learn to play that game, I really do!

  5. I took a short road trip (about an hour and a half each way) to a small town...more like a hole in a wall kind of place and took a bunch of pictures. That was fun. And, watched some movies. Nothing special...looking forward to the one that is. :)

  6. Kathi, I donno. That sounds like a fun and relaxing kind of day. I honestly think the "special" ones are sometimes so overrated that they disappoint. But I wouldn't pass one by, either! :D

  7. I love your hodge podge! Such fun!

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