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Monday, February 16, 2009

My Exercise Program Has Begun

I started exercising this morning. I have to do something about toning in general, but particularly working on my abs and downsizing my belly. I pulled out a set of ab exercises to see what I needed. The only tool was an exercise ball. So I got it out (it's been packed for about 4 years) and began to inflate it. It comes with a little foot pump, and I'd forgotten how many pumps it takes to inflate that sucker.

The ball is inflated, approximately half of it with my right leg and half with the left.

It is ready for tomorrow. I figure that pumping it up was enough for today.

Is there something wrong with that?

(If your answer is yes, don't leave a comment.)( Jus' sayin'.)


  1. One step at a time, dear friend. One step at a time.

  2. And baby steps count, don't they? hee hee hee!

  3. I am sure it took a lot of work getting the ball inflated. And is a national holiday. Don't you know you are not suppose to exercise on a national holiday. :)

    Let us know how the workouts are going.

  4. You've taken the first step! That's great!!!!!!! I know how hard it is to get started at something like exercising.

    And anything that gets you moving is positve. That foot pumping definitely counts as exercise, seriously! Lots of people would have blown it up with a blow dryer....


  5. I agree with you cant do it all in one day.

  6. Oh, Hon, this made me laugh so hard because I'm right there with ya.

  7. you'll do great!

    i have faith in you because you seem like the type of woman who does what she sets her mind too. i am sure the doggies will love to watch the show.

  8. I've pumped up one of those balls, it is alot of work in that. Good luck with the exercise. I'll be pullin for you.

  9. Caroline, I forgot about that rule! Whew! I'm off the hook!

    Betty, you're right, moving is moving. As far as using a device, this has a specific little tip that fits in the ball. I had one before that I could use a bicycle pump or other similar devise to inflate it, but this one has to use the little plastic foot pump with accordion sides on it. It actually works pretty well, but it just takes effort and work!

    Bobbie, no, you're right, this is gonna take a long time!

    Kathi, it seriously took me longer to inflate the ball than the exercise session is supposed to take!! However, it is inflated now, so I have no more excuses!!

    (M)ary, I'm not worried about the dogs enjoying the show; I'm worried about the dogs joining in the show!! Five dogs all over me will make it very challenging!

    MJ, THANK YOU! I feel vindicated!

  10. Oy! OF COURSE that counted! This must be the time for re-evaluating the exercise thing. I've started stretching and walking again and-gawd forbid-actually have a plan for better fitness. Good luck to you my dear!

  11. The MIL gave Madison her ball ... you can see how much use she has gotten out of it!
    I trust you will get much more use out of yours! Wishing you the best dear friend!

  12. MQ, I need all the help I can get in this!

  13. Traci, a plan? We're supposed to have a PLAN??? LOL!

  14. hehe-i like the way you think. good for you for working on things. i tried to blow up two of those once--with a girl who was autistic desperately waiting for me to be done--there was no explaining that i was about to die and i blew it up with a straw cause we lost the pump.

    i need to get on the bandwagon...

  15. OMG, Beans, with a straw????? I wouldn't have made it!!

    And don't get on the bandwagon .... you might fall off the wagon!

    BWAAA ha ha ha ha ha!!!! gasp. OK, I'm back. whew.


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