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Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Look at this awesome video that I found at Nick's blog and promptly, unabashedly stole it. Do you remember Peter, Paul & Mary? I'll bet all of you remember "Puff the Magic Dragon." This is a song I've never heard, but what an awesome message. BTW, the man signing does such a good job making it look like music, also.

"Don't Laugh At Me" by Peter, Paul & Mary

You know, if they played this every morning in a classroom, I wonder how much difference it might make on the kids as they grown up. Certainly couldn't hurt.



  1. That would make a big impression I would think.........

  2. I LOVE this song--when it first came out by Mark Wills I listened to it all the time. They made a book out of it, too, I think.

    Love PPM as well!

  3. ok, so totally not funny, but i kept waiting for him to say something when he was like "i'm gay, straight, blah, born in Afghanistan . . " i was waiting for him to say something ridiculous that the guy couldn't sign . . .cause they kept looking at each other . . suppose it wasn't a funny moment kind of song . . .

    i have a few of their live kids albums and they have done stuff like that before . .

    he didn't, but i was thinking it and wanted to share. i feel better now.

  4. Beans, OK, that was interesting! I think I followed that. OK, most of that. Alright, part of it.

    Bye now!


  5. Thanks, Lynilu, for making excellent use of that video. I do really think it needs to be seen by millions of people.

  6. Yes, Nick, the message is excellent. I will unabashedly "steal" things like that when the message is really good. Thanks for posting it!


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