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Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Around noon the dogs started barking on the front deck. This isn't necessarily unusual, but when they kept barking, I glanced out the window and saw the UPS truck pulling up the driveway and the driver tooted the horn about this time, too. Well, I was doing some housework and had on a top that I didn't want to be seen in .... or rather, I didn't want what was in the top to be seen. It is a very lightweight t-shirt and I didn't have on a bra. I dashed to the bedroom to put on another shirt.

By the time I was coming out of the bedroom, little Lolita had come running into the house. She was afraid of all the clamor of the other dogs or of the stranger, I'm not sure which. But she was scared of something and wanting to get to her mommy.

At this point, it is hard to explain what happened, but Lolita ran in front of me as I hurried. I nearly stepped on her, and in trying to avoid that, I bumped the baby gate that was leaning against the wall and knocked it down. As it fell, it landed on top of her, scaring the bejeebers out of her. She wasn't hurt, but terrified and began screaming. As she scrambled out from under it, she scooted it under my feet. I tripped on it and fell, smacking my left knee hard on the tile. Fortunately, she wasn't under me or the gate.

By this time Lola was scrambling all over me, looking for comfort. I untangled myself from the gate, picked her up and ran toward the front door. Just in time to see the UPS truck backing out of the driveway.

There was no package on the deck. There was no notice on the door or at the gate that comes onto the deck. Usually, the driver comes onto the deck. He knows The Kids are noisy but harmless. I called USP to find out about the delivery, and they have no record about a delivery at my address! WTF???

I suppose the driver might have pulled into the wrong place, but it isn't that easy out here. I mean, it's not like my house is nearly identical to the house on the next street in the same location. Every house is very different and there is no "same location" on the "next street." Besides, the drivers for all the delivery services know all of us [and how long we've lived here and where we came from and about our kids and grandkids, etc.], so thinking of a "wrong address" stop is a far stretch. I have no idea what happened.

OK, excitement over. I finished my tasks and watched a couple afternoon shows on the TV. Then I had dinner, played with the dogs for a while and watched Criminal Minds. When I was sitting still watching it, I began to notice little aches and pains. Apparently in my fall I strained my right shoulder, jarred my neck and back. No, my knee seems fine at this point, but I'm hurting several other places. I don't think any of it is serious, but I expect I'll be creaking around for a couple days. Damn.

I'm going to take some Tylenol, break open a couple heat packs and go to bed.

Didja ever have one of those days?


  1. Double ouch! And yes, I have had those kind of days! I am not the most graceful person on earth, I can fall on my face just walking down the road!

  2. You know, Kim, as I reread that, it sounds like a scene from a # Stooges film! Sheesh! I'm lucky neither Babycakes nor I were really hurt in that.

    Would you believe my middle name is Grace. Uh-huh.

  3. That was WEIRD...... I hope you'll be okay.
    I am used to looking out for the little one under my feet too. The cats are even worse!

  4. Queenie, I always have one of them (or all five) swirling around my feet. This once it was just little squirt, but you see what happened!! gah!!

  5. Sadie tripped me up on the deck once and down I went. As you get older, falls are not graceful and hurt more the next day.

  6. MJ, boy, can I attest to that!!

  7. Oh man!! The pain maybe would have almost been worth it if you'd gotten some wicked awesome package delivered. I hope you get to feeling better ASAP and I'm glad the baby wasn't hurt.

  8. Jen, kinda what I thought, too. He didn't come back today, so I guess, in spite of the way-out-there odds, it was really a wrong driveway! Thanks.


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