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Thursday, February 05, 2009

We're Making Progress


Well, I have a great excuse for being a couch potato for a few days! In fact, just as I finished typing that last sentence, my "excuse" crawled into my lap. She squirmed, trying to get comfortable, for about 8-10 minutes. Now she is beside me on the couch again.

Earlier she was on the floor for 20-30 minutes and was OK for a while, but she tried to lick her wound, so I know she is uncomfortable. And it's a good thing the collar is on, as much as she and I both dislike it.

She has had a little water this morning, but she's not interested in food yet. I offered her 4-5 nuggets, and she just turned her head away. No problem. She will eat when she is ready.

So .... currently she is here with me on the couch, along with all four of her best friends. Sammy is her headrest at the moment, a job he never minds, and Joey is snuggled gently against her backside, keeping her warm. Jazi is on the back of the couch overseeing it all while Max is snuggled to my other side. I'd love another cuppa joe, but I'm not moving till The Baby does.

As I said, I have the best excuse for my inertia for a few days, and I'm using it!!

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lynilu/Poor Lolita


  1. with my kittys and your baby we should get together and open a sick or spayed, and/or neutred cuddling only hospital

  2. Sounds like you are having the perfect day. Do you need someone to help you look after Lolita?? I could be there by tomorrow night. :)

    Have the boys settled down?

  3. Yes, yes, [sob, sniff] I need help with this!!! Come on down!!!

    Yes, the boys are better. She still has a scent, but it is abating now. It'll take about 10 days to be gone, but it's light enough they aren't psycho now!!

  4. glad the crew is on the mend!

  5. Beans, boy, so am I!! Just another 5-7 days and we should be back to normal. Normal??? What is that?? ;D

  6. She is still precious but it's so hard when they are under the weather. Get well soon sweet Lola!

  7. I just keep looking at her pics and she's SO cute I can't stand it!

  8. Queenie, I hate how limited she has to be right now, but she is adjusting pretty well. She says thank, Patti!

    Melissa, me, too! I'm telling you, she melts my heart on a regular basis! (Of course each of them does in his/her own way)

  9. Poor baby. Isn't that just the worst?? I was never so happy as when Sookie was all healed and back to normal after that. But what a great excuse for just chillin' with her!

  10. Jen, well, the collar is off. It is supposed to be on for another 5 days, but she kept getting it off her head, and I didn't want to tighten the collar any more. Yesterday, I finally left it off and I've just watched her closely. She isn't licking the wound which is healing very well, so we're gonna try it. Cross your fingers!

  11. I just love her coloring! She really is very pretty. :)

  12. Sandra, I do too. She seems to be more red every day, a really neat color.


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