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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Yay! Snow Again!!


WE ARE HAVING SNOW AGAIN! And this time it is really a snow! I have 2-3 inches,and it is still coming.

It began this morning, early. I woke around 7:00 and raised the blind in the bedroom, then settled back in to watch some news and weather. That is my regular routine. The dogs made their first outside run and came back in to snuggle with me. After a few minutes of snuggling, Max suddenly became alert to something outside. His head popped up, and he became very vigilant as he moved to the side of the bed nearest the window. I looked, expecting to see deer or something similar.

I saw nothing for a few seconds. Then I realized he was watching a few snowflakes drifting down. As I continued to watch him and the window, I was tickled to see him move his head back and forth slightly as he followed the flakes zig-zag path to the ground!

Within the next hour it was snowing with vigor! I could barely see the trees on the other side of my road, a distance of perhaps 100 feet. It was a gorgeous, heavy snowfall, and I've been enjoying it all morning. Currently, it has stopped snowing and I can see all the way across to the mountains again.

The pups have been in and out, playing all morning. At times, they've come in with so many snowballs in their feet and on their chests that they could barely walk. When they are that snow packed, I plop them in the bathtub and use the sprayer with tepid water to melt the snow. After I cuddle them and dry them a little, they are off and running again.

Little Lolita at one time curled up with me on the couch, and I tossed a throw over her. She wasn't shivering, but she loved the throw. A couple other times, she came in, jumped on the couch, and nosed under the throw! Smart cookie!

Jazi and Joey have both gone out for a while, but they've been contented to be in with me most of the morning.

A while ago, I noticed that Jazi was sitting on the front deck on a trunk, just watching the snow fall. Having the screen in this photo sucks, but I didn't dare open the door to take the picture. It's a cute how the smart girl stays dry but enjoys the outside. She loves sitting on the deck on on the steps out back to just look and listen and smell.

Here are some snaps of the snow romp from this morning.

**** Click on this picture to see the rest ****


Now, in the last few minutes of my writing here, Jazi has suddenly decided to make up for lost time and had been running outside with the others. Looks like I'm in for more thaw-out baths!!



  1. Whoa, how can anyone like snow at this point of winter. If your dogs like the snow, they should head to Michigan. They would be buried in it for about three months.

    I remember our Doogie liking the snow when he was a puppy. Not so much when he was older. I used to have to shovel a path in the backyard to his favorite tree. Otherwise he would hardly move beyond the covered patio.

  2. I am so jealous of your snow!!!! Your babies look like they are loving it. Oh, and just reading how your mornings are (wake up, watch a little TV) also makes me very jealous. But I know you worked really hard your whole life, so you deserve all the easy going days that you have. But I am still jealous.

  3. Snow is evil and I have been enjoying the sun and 50 plus degree weather from the loveseat with a bag of ice on a foot. I would rather be outside enjoying it

  4. Dave, remember I live where it might snow a foot then will be gone in two days. It doesn't come and stay, turning brown and grey like it does in the Midwest. When I lived in KC, we shoveled a path for the kids, too.

    Caroline, they do love it! Only now, almost 2:00, are they all in and drying out. About 1/2 hour ago they finally gave up! And it's snowing again!

    I know you're jealous. Those times when you were able to be home for a while really spoiled you, didn't they? You'll get there!

    Bobbie, you really need to move to a friendlier climate, girl!

  5. This all looks like so much fun--please send us some snow. I want snow.

  6. MJ, I will put some in an envelope and mail it out ASAP!!

  7. Lord they are so precious! I love how they enjoy things so! Do they jump and twirl? I laugh at Reilly cos' he twirls like a little ballerina, so prettily.

  8. MQ, yes, they do sometimes, and you're right, it is adorable!!


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