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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Dog news. Surprise!!

Yeah, I know. But you're gonna get it, none-the-less!

For starters, I found little Miss Lolita gnawing on a table leg. She had obviously been chewing on it for some time, because there was a serious dent in it! This is a little coffee table that used to belong to Caroline's grandmother, and I bought it at her garage sale. I'm planning to refinish it, and now I'm wondering what to do about the leg.

So, to stop her from doing further damage, I got out the hot sauce and slathered it on the "wound."

There. That ought to take care of it. Isn't that lovely? It looks like the table is bleeding. Oh, well. It will deter the pup from her quest, right?


Within an hour, first Joey, then Max, then .... Lola(!!) were licking at the leg!! They like Louisana Hot Sauce??? So I put more hot sauce on it, wondering why the little mutts were liking the hot stuff! They came back and sniffed, but I scolded them, and apparently they know now. They've left it alone for several days now.

I'm still not sure what I'm going to do with the leg. I may put a wood filler on it, because I'm going to paint it and it won't show. We'll see. That little goober. I've got to buy some new rawhide chew bones. I'm going to Petco in Roswell tomorrow with Linda, and hopefully that will also deter further destruction. gah.

Just a few minutes ago I saw something SO funny. Max was trying to get a small ball away from the GIANT exercise ball that is still sitting in the corner. DO NOT ASK WHY IT IS STILL SITTING THERE. DO...NOT. Anyway, the little ball had been pushed close to and under the big one.

Well, Max was intimidated by the humongous blue one, but couldn't resist the lure, so he kept trying to reach it with his paw while stretching his body as long as he could. Of course, when he touched the little one, it jarred the big one, and Max would inch back 4-6 inches. After a minute, when the big blue jiggly things would quit moving, Max would ease forward again, touch the little ball, and the whole cycle would start over.

I managed to get the camera without distracting him. He repeated this around 5-6 times, and then ....

.... he almost got the little ball, but the big one moved a bunch! Max skittered backward, and the little ball was caught again under a different part of the large one. He just stood and stared at it for a bit, then made several attempts to get close to it again .... one step forward, one step back!

Finally, he dived in, grabbed it in his teeth, spun around and high-tailed it out the front door!!

Here you see him just before he bounded to the left and disappeared!

Few dull moments in my house!

Happy St. Patrick's Day from me and the ornery, shaggy leprechauns at my house!!


  1. Oh, that is funny about the hot sauce. I have a similiar story that I will be sharing on my blog in the next day or so.

    Max is so funny with that big ball.

    Happy St. Patrick's Day.

  2. Can't wait to hear the story, Caroline. Pets can really surprise us, can't they?

    I wish you could have see him. I was laughing the whole way through!


  3. I tried the hot sauce to keep my Yorkie from chewing on the carpet at the edge of the stairs. Like your pups, he loved it. LOL!

  4. First thank you for the trivia its great and very interesting. Second as I was in the bathroom getting dressed for the day I watched boots the male kitten climb and bite himself up my shower curtain trying to get to the top to sit on the shower rod. Pets got to love them

  5. Donna, I've been wondering about this: when it was fresh, they wanted to lick it, but now that it is dried, I've seen a couple of them sniff it, and back off. I wonder if it changes as it dries? I've had other dogs with whom it was an immediate deterrent.

    Bobbie, absolutely, pets are a great entertainment! You're welcome on the trivia.

  6. I use Listerine on the wood of the chairs....doesn't hurt the wood and the kids hate dog's name is also lola....she's a min schnuzher

  7. that is hilarious!! he is the brave ball rescuer!

  8. I can't believe they liked hot sauce either!

    Maddie has a big excercise ball her Grandmother gave her and Reilly is TERRIFIED of it.

  9. Mimi, OK, I'll give that a try. I bought some rawhide chewbones today, and that should hold her for several weeks. She doesn't chew other things when she has those. And lest you or anyone worry, I get the humongous ones, and they can't chew pieces off easily. When they begin to pull pieces off, it goes into the trash.

    (M)ary, isn't it??? hee hee!

    Patti, I guess my dogs are truly New Mexicans, eh? It tickles the life out of me how they respond to the ball.


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