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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Here I Am!

Hi! I'm back.

By this time you may have lost interest, or you may have forgotten who I am.

I know.

It's OK. I knew I was taking a risk by vacationing without the computer, but it seemed like the thing to do for myself, and I don't regret it. I had sooooooo much fun! It was wonderful to spend every day sightseeing, museum perusing (when they were open), shopping, eating, meeting Enid's friends, talking into the night and sleeping as if there would be no tomorrow.

I came home with no pictures, unfortunately. Every time we left the house, I forgot it. Finally, I decided that it was my way of slapping myself in the waker-upper to remind myself to just simply have fun. Nothing else, just take a vacation from everything in my regular life. So that's what I did. I promise pictures the next time I go there.

I had not been to Santa Fe in about 35 years. It has changed beyond my imagination. I loved in the area which is so saturated with arts and culture, but it is too much "city" for me (says the lady who left KC just over three years ago with plans to settle in or near a city in NM because she was a city girl!). However, it was wonderful to catch up with a long-time friend, to visit some businesses and cultural places of a type that are not available in my home area. I do miss those things, but not enough to give up my beloved rural home.

Enid's home is a wonderful getaway. It is far enough to the edge of the bustling city and on sufficient property to be quiet and peaceful. It is a large, lovely home, designed and built by Enid and her late husband. The house itself has many wonderful features that were designed and implemented by them, not just the builder. All but a few pieces of furniture were made by the couple. Roy was a wonderful woodworker who designed and built amazing pieces from enormous, elegant armoires and chests and tables to whimsical dining room chairs with fun characters carved the backs and painted with happy, enchanting colors by Enid. The decorations are many graceful modern sculptures created by Enid. She has sculpted these acrylic pieces for many years, and has a national reputation. Many of them are highlighted with neon lighting, her husband's work. Part of the engraving was his work, as well. You can see of these works at She is no longer doing these. Following Roy's death, she was faced with learning the neon and mastering the engraving, and it was emotionally so challenging to be doing his part of their collaborative that she has chosen to learn a whole new medium. She is now working with glass, however, she is new enough that this is not yet featured at the website. However, the ones I saw in progress will have the same flowing lines, etc. I'm eager to see some of them finished and exhibited.

Adding to the amazing, fascinating furnishing of the home are works by others that would knock your socks off. Many artifacts are treasures brought home from their travels or the period of time, some thirty years ago, when they lived in Saudi Arabia for a year or so with Roy's job. There are African works, Asian, Middle Eastern and South American pieces that blend together and contrast beautifully. The house is like a beautiful, sunny, airy museum/gallery. Every time I walked through a room or a hallway, I saw something new.

I had wonderful food while in Santa Fe. Surprisingly, none of it was Mexican, other than some chilies in some foods! One night we feasted on Hawaiian cuisine that was excellent. Enid is a concierge at one of the beautiful hotels, and from time to time the restaurants "comp" a meal to concierges so they may have first hand knowledge to be able to make first hand recommendations to the hotel guests. She is allowed to take a guest, and since she has no husband to share it with, I got to go! We had Greek food for lunch in a "hole in the wall" and it was close to the best I've had. One night was dinner with a few of Enid's friends who get together to celebrate their birthdays. The food was excellent although fairly simple, combinations of salads, soups and sandwiches that were not the run of the mill. Another lunch was at a place called Sleeping Dog Tavern where I enjoyed a huge cut of lobster bisque and a plate of an excellent chicken liver paté with toast and cracker bread. I complimented the paté, and the manager gladly gave me the recipe! Now I've eaten at the Sleeping Dog Tavern and Red Bone Alley.... is there a theme beginning to emerge here?

We walked our legs off (and drove some rubber off the tires) seeing as many things as possible. I bought some fun little additions to my own meager collection in a shop that sold African art, all fair-trade. Lucky for me I found some things that were on sale or very affordable to add to the color and broaden my own collection.

These colorful baskets are woven from the colored wires inside telephone cable. Do you see the little frog between them? See the next pic.

He is made of banana fibers!

(Don't forget you can click to enlarge the photos, if you wish)

I liked this little ceramic plate for it's color. I thought it would add some liveliness to the house, and to my surprise ....

.... it came with this rack, the English style toast rack! Enid quipped, "Yeah, you can put your toast there and let it cool so the butter won't melt!"

This figure of a girl jumping rope is also of banana fiber ....

.... as is this boy carrying a stick. Just cute novelties to hand around the house.

The sitter had called me to ask if she could go ahead and leave before I got here. I told her yes, as it is her spring break so she was off to have some fun. When I got home this afternoon, The Kids were on the front porch. But they didn't bark like crazed animals as they usually do. They looked at me and the truck almost as if they weren't sure it was really me! Until I walked to the porch, they seemed to not believe I was home. I looked around and discovered I was short by four legs! Sam was not out to greet me! I came in the house, and he was inside and acting strange, keeping distance from me. He was afraid of me!!!!!!

I sat down on the floor and let them all swarm me. Sam would ease toward me, then back off. I left my hand out where he could reach it. He see-sawed in and out, didn't bark at me but really looked scared. After a couple minutes, he came close enough to sniff my hand, and after a few more attempts to get close, he finally stayed near, and I was able to pet him, eventually pulling him onto my lap. Over the next 15 minutes, I had to keep reassuring him. Finally he seemed to decide that it was me and I was staying. For the ensuing hour, he wouldn't leave my side, and when I sat down, he laid on the floor with his head on my foot, snoring!

The sitter said they did fine after the first few minutes she was here. I'm guessing Sammy thought he had a new mommy after a day or two. Poor little guy. He is obviously still pretty shell-shocked, having confidence just when I am here with him, no one else. Poor baby. We still have work to do.

That's it. I'm done. Long-winded, but done! Welcome back, those of you who came back. :)



  1. Welcome back! If you're worried about losing readers, then I should REALLY be worried, having not posted in over a month! I've been too doggone busy with work, but now life is back to normal.

    You've brought back many memories of Santa Fe. (I lived there one summer with a boyfriend- the one who got away.) Too bad about your camera, but yeah, I know- you probably enjoyed yourself a lot more without it! My son hates it when he sees me toting my camera....

    And we can still enjoy photos of your souvenirs. I love the ceramic plate.


  2. Welcome Back.

    It sounds like you had a wonderful time. I love your purchases especially the frog and the plate.

    I am happy to hear that Sam overcame his fear and anger of being left. He is such a interesting old soul.

  3. Sounds like a WONDERFUL time! I definitely see a doggy theme there!

    Poor Sam, my heart broke a little reading that but he is in good hands. Momma will make it better!

  4. Even thou, I have not been blogging like I want to, I knew you were "missing" and I did miss you.
    However, what a wonderful trip you had. I am so happy for you. Much deserved change of pace. The pieces you bought and showed are lovely. We have the same tastes!

    My consult child was booted out before I even went back. I'll fill you in. Still would love your input, when your settled.

    Your baby will readjust to his mom quickly! Probably already has.

    Hey, I just read about service dogs for bi-polar individuals. Have you heard much about this?


  5. ah, no way! i wouldn't forget you! welcome back.

  6. Betty!! You haven't been around much! Good to see you again.

    I don't know how long ago you were in SF, but I was amazed at the changes/growth. And the camera .... I finally decided that I needed to just enjoy rather than focus on capturing it. I think I was more relaxed than if I had been trying to get the perfect pictures.

    The little souvenirs are fun to have. Probably better than photos of the town, I'd say. :)

    Pepper, I did! The little frog caught my eyes first in the banana fiber creations.

    I a little sad for Sam. I thought he was more secure than he apparently is. It is going to take more time, but I don't mind. He is certainly worth it.

    Patti, it was fun! I chuckled at the name of the restaurant and thought of you immediately.

    I know, bless his heart. He seems to be pretty normal today, but I'm realizing now that he needs a lot more socialization with others. Poor guy.

    Cheryl, it was a good break for me, for sure. My tastes are very, very eclectic, so my house has Mexican, Central American, South American, Caribbean, Native American,German, Asian, modern and antique, impressionistic and realistic, on and on. If only I could afford everything I like!

    I've heard a little about the bipolar service dogs, but I don't know a lot. Isn't it amazing what dogs are being trained to do? Wow!

  7. Hey, (M)ary, you popped in there while I was typing those other responses. Thanks!

  8. Sounds like a wonderful vacation. Don't feel guilty about not blogging or taking pitures. Having fun is want vacations are all about.

  9. MJ, usually taking pictures is part of the fun of the vacation for me. I'll just consider this a new experience!

  10. Welcome back! Glad you had a great trip and made it back okay.


  11. Sounds like a great trip I love the pictures of the items you added to your collection I bet the doggies in their dog minds are saying Ms your grounded no leaving the house for you

  12. Kim, thank you! It was a good experience!

    Bobbie, yes, it was a good trip. I especially like additions that aren't expensive! And yeah, the pups won't let me out of their sight!

  13. Just an's OK for me to take a break from blogging, but you can't. OK....remember that the next time you want to take a few days off. :)

    Poor Sammy. Ben does that when I am gone for more then a day and then come back. This was the first time that you left him for a long period of time, right? I am sure the next time he will remember that you will come back.

    P.S. I will probably do a small post tonight..maybe.

  14. Well, Caroline, you play fair, don't you? LOL! You goof off! No, you may not take a leave of absence. No "maybe." p.e.r.i.o.d

    I was away from him a few days when I went to OK to get Jazi, but somehow, he didn't seem to have much problem. Perhaps it was so soon that he didn't have a bond to me yet, at least not as strong as he does now. I don't know for sure. I just figure he felt the loss this time because he is attaching. He and Ben do have some common traits, don't they?


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