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Sunday, March 29, 2009

My Noisy Household

Late Sunday afternoon, and I'm watching a movie, "My Dog Skip." If you haven't seen it, it is about a boy growing up in Mississippi in the 1940s. He gets a Jack Russell Terrier who helps him overcome his shyness. So far, an hour into it, I'm really enjoying it. I'm enjoying the movie itself, but I'm also enjoying the "sideshow" in my living room.

A lot of the movie takes place outside, where you would find kids most of the time in the "old days." And since the dog is a main focus of the movie, and there are other dogs around the little town, there is barking, of course. Well, my dogs are going crazy looking for the barking dogs, so there is a parade of furry critters going in and out the dog doors. At first, all this was accompanied by my kids barking back, trying to find the other dogs, and surely their barking will scare the other dogs away, right? Now, they have figured out that it is coming from the TV, and they often stop and stare at it when the dogs bark. The still run out from time to time as if thinking maybe they overlooked something outside.

Being an outside setting in the movie, there are birds singing. So in addition to the ruckus from my dogs, my finches are getting a workout as they are calling to the birds in the soundtrack. Constantly. I love hearing them sing, and they are doing so with great vigor today. But it is adding to the clamor, and I'm wondering if it is going to be quiet any time soon.

I'm thinking it's a good thing I don't have other people here to add to the noise.

Yep, my house is a-twitter and a-yip! Don't you wish you lived where I do? LOL!


  1. I keep forgetting that you also have birds. With all the noises the dogs make plus the birds...I can only imagine all the noises you hear. But I Know that you love it all.

  2. My kids loved that movie I havent seen it yet will have to watch it. Another movie the kids loved was firehouse dog or something like that and underdog. They cried through snowdogs. I had a canary and a parkakeet the canary was tweety and the parakeet was sylvester they would sing together.

  3. Caroline, it isn't usually that chaotic, but yes, I love it. I can hardly wait for the weather to be conducive to put the birds on the deck and let them chatter away to the wild birds.

    Bobbie, yeah, it was a good movie. I loved remembering how we used to just run all over town like that when I was a kid. Good times.

    Were your canary and parakeet in the same cage? Some parakeets are really aggressive, so if you had them together, you were lucky.

  4. Fi loves youtube. I didn't know how much she sees but I do know that the crazed chihuahua just about scared the weebies out of her.

  5. No Lyn they were in seperate cages cause they fought like tweety and sylvester from looney tunes lol

  6. Sounds like happy chaos! Sometimes when I enter a room I am struck by the message of the sounds I hear. In a well-run classroom, for example, there is noise and chatter, but the sum of it is positive, as if you can hear that things are functioning well. Your house probably conveyed that, but at a higher volume!


  7. I wish I lived where you do.....never a dull moment for sure !!!!

  8. Pepper, isn't it funny how some things get the riled like that?

    Bobbie, OK, that sound more as I expected. But you never know .... look at the odd couples of animals who live together in spite of our expectations, dogs raising squirrels, pigs raising tigers, elephants and dogs as best friends. You never know!

    Betty, it was happy chaos. Isn't it interesting how some kinds of noise are actually pleasant, depending on the message each holds? I love a playground when children are having loud fun. Loud + happy = good; loud + unhappy = unsettling/scary.

    RUTH, there have been times in my life that I've said "never a dull moment" to try to reframe a bad situation, but not at this point with my kids. Nope! It's pretty much a good thing! They make me laugh a lot.


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