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Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Snow

For a couple days, this is all I saw of the sun. It was snowing a good part of that time. for once the dreariness didn't get to me. I'm not sure why, but I won't argue. I enjoyed watching the snow fall.

This is how the snow looked yesterday morning at about 8:30. I had around four inches on flat surfaces, and it was a very wet, heavy snow.

The trees were wonderfully draped. It was a gorgeous sight.

At 5:30 yesterday afternoon, the trees had no sign of snow. This was all that was left on my steps.

My pickup was completely covered at 8:30, there was no sign of blue showing, and by 5:30, this was all that was left around it. This was the last bit of snow that had fallen off the hood.

There is still a little bit more than this in the back yard where it is more sheltered, but not enough to be concerned with.

Now you know why I like snow in New Mexico. Even at 7000 feet, I don't have to worry about it becoming dirty and ugly.

Jus' sayin'!


  1. You dont have to worry about it becoming unwelcomed either cause you dont get that much lol

  2. Amazing, how fast it comes and goes.

  3. snow. right now that is a dirty word to me. Spring weather has arrived here in Indiana and I would like to stay for awhile. shhhhh...don't say the word snow too loudly. i don't want the weather gods to get any ideas.

  4. Bobbie, so true!

    MJ, yes, it is!

    (M)ary, OK, I'll keep it down, but you see why I can like sn*w in my home state!

    Pepper, me, too!!

  5. Yes the dirty ugly slush so ruins a good snow!

  6. Patti, Aren't we lucky that you and I have "the right kind" of snow? :D

  7. lynilu: i have family in New Mexico and i do remember being in Santa Fe one Christmas. the snow was particularly beautiful. still, i am soooooo ready for spring that i can't even think about white fluffy stuff right now (-:

  8. (M)ary, Santa Fe will usually get more snow than I do in the southern part of the state, but even so, it is usually gone pretty quick. I say that as I think of Christmas before this last one when I spent Christmas in Albuquerque with my kids and their dad & step mom and we got dumped on with a lot of snow, and had to extend our visit by a week. It can happen out here, but usually we are snow free after 1-4 days.

    I understand about not thinking of it, though. 30 years in KC taught me about the perils of s..n..o..w. gah.

  9. BTW, Mary, today I'm sitting my deck in the chair swing, enjoying the low 60s. Life is very good.


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