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Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday Fun

A Friday Fun Thing. Ruth sent this to me just a few minutes ago, and I gotta share it!!! This will help you get in a good mood for the weekend. Listen, if you don't laugh, out loud and from the belly, over this, something is wrong, wrong, wrong with you, and you might just as well pull the shroud over your face and curl up in a hole, my friend!

It needs a little setup:

The Comedy Barn in Tennessee is home to a long-running variety show. One of the show’s staples is a standup comedian. For one bit, he pulls audience members onstage. But on this day, he got more than he bargained for.

One man breaks up the show. No, he’s not causing trouble. He’s just laughing. But isn’t comedy supposed to make you laugh?

Wait until you hear this guy. Even the professional can’t keep a straight face. Enjoy.

Oh, woooeeee! I'll be thinking of nuck-nuck-nuck all weekend!!!!


  1. Hopefully Daisy & Man will have some good blogging about our meeting tomorrow when they get back home. I'm sure your ears will be burning ha ha!

    I'm not too sore from dancing but i'm sure as the length increases.... oy vey! I sure did some laughing though, some much needed laughing! I think my Mother is STILL laughing just from the thought of her fruit loop son-in-law opening his mouth and volunteering for something he totally knows nothing about. Thank God he is a good sport though.

  2. It is really bad when I leave a comment on my own blog and it doesn't post. sigh.

    I said something about being impressed that Stacy is dancing with you. I didn't realize he was part of it! Cool!

    And something about you all had better not say too many bad things about me this weekend! Are you spending all day together?

  3. Im so glad you decided to share this Lyn......I started laughing again when I read your comments! Have a nice weekend and relax and enjoy yourself. Hope Jaz's sore eye gets better real quick.

  4. Yeah, Ruth, it was too good to not share! And Jaz and me will both have a good weekend, fer sher!

  5. I had to watch this one twice- I needed the laugh therapy!


  6. Betty, I watched it several times, myself! Didn't the laughing feel good?


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