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Friday, April 10, 2009

Fun Friends and Floppy Falls

I went out to dinner tonight with Linda and her friend, Sandy. Sandy is visiting from out of town, and I was eager to meet her. We have "known" each other via emails and a couple phone conversations for several months, but had not had the face to face. I so enjoyed getting to finally meet her! Lovely lady!

We had dinner at one of my favorite restaurants, and as usual, the food was excellent. I had a tortilla encrusted tilapia served on a bed of spicy angel hair pasta. They shared a huge paella. We ended with red velvet torte around. Everything was spectacular! We talked like, well, like three women can do, having much fun.

We are doing some more things tomorrow. Sandy is here for a fabric art show. Like Linda, she does silk art, wearable and frameable. Then tomorrow night, one of the galleries is having some sort of event, and we are going to do that and go to dinner again.

Before Sandy and Linda arrived, I went to the truck to get something I'd left there earlier. As I got out of the truck, my foot slipped in the gravel as I put it down on the ground. I started to fall, feet going backward, but to make matters worse, my feet went over the edge of the driveway and I slid right down the slope. I am skinned and bruised on an angle from my left ankle to my right hip. It ain't purdy. I also bruised my right upper arm, although I have struggled to figure out how that happened. It isn't scratched, no broken skin, but the bruise is absolutely awful there. GAH!! How do I do these things to myself?

I took some Tylenol before I left and I'm getting ready to take another dose before I go to bed, but I am dreading tomorrow. I hope I won't be too sore and stiff. Lawdy.

I think I'm going to hit the sack for tonight. See ya maƱana!


  1. Be careful as uncomfortable as my cast is I hear is it most uncomfortable in the heat. I hope your not to sore tomorrow but the muscle Gods are fickle. Sending hugs

  2. Oh,I hate those types of falls. I hope tomorrow brings you less pain. If it is worse, please get it checked out or a stronger pain med.

    Your night sounded so wonderful. I love nights like that when everything is perfect, and the company is full of laughter and easy conversation.

    I'm thrilled you'll be out again tomorrow.

    Take care.

  3. Oh no. Sorry lyn. Hope today has you feeling better. I could fed-ex you my bubble if you need.

  4. Thanks, y'all. I am OK. Well, not completely OK, but better than I thought I would be. I'll keep you posted.

  5. It's just amazing how fast things like that can happen. Here's hoping you heal quickly.

  6. I am happy to hear you are feeling a little better. Your night sounds lovely. There is nothing better than good friends and good fun.

  7. Falling is so surprising, isn't it? I had a spill last summer and I think I started to laugh at what my face must have looked like on the way down. Hope you aren't too sore.
    I am reading about your friends visiting and wishing I had more girl pals at the moment here in Atlanta.

  8. I'm much better everyone. Still sore and bruised, but not seriously injured. Thanks for your concerns!

  9. Oh careful and take care of yourself. Happy Easter.

  10. You never know how much damage a fall can do! Lord have mercy woman. Glad it wasn't worse.

  11. MJ, well, I usually do, but ....

    sigh. Thanks.

    MQ, I know, and the older I get, the more worrisome it becomes. I'm glad it wasn't bad, too.

  12. It sounds to me as if you were lucky, because so many people I know have been seriously hurt in falls lately- mostly because we had so much ice this past winter. I fell myself a couple of times, and since I ended up without broken bones or surgery, I consider myself very lucky!



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