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Wednesday, April 01, 2009



IT'S SNOWING HERE AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And no, this is not an April Fool's joke!!

Dang, I'm glad I got my truck door fixed yesterday!

It's not much.

Who knows what tomorrow will hold? It's supposed to be 60° and little wind. Yeah, right! Like I'm gonna buy that!!!

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  1. Okay, Blogger ate the last comment, I will try again.

    That is the best kind of snow.... beautiful to watch and gone by the morning.

  2. We are having the craziest weather this spring...this morning I woke up to 4 inches of wet heavy snow....and it's still snowing. I had no idea it was suppose to snow.

  3. Pepper, I like this format for comment, but every time I change to it, there are problems with the comments, my own included. sigh. I guess I'll switch back.

    I agree. That's the kind of snow we usually have here, so I'm rarely tired of snow. Nice!

    Caroline, we had no inkling of snow here, either. There was a possibility of some showers during the day yesterday, but I figured it had passed. The snow in the pictures is already gone this morning, but a little bit remains in the back yard. It'll be gone soon, too.

  4. No snow here, just a cold rain.
    I want to know who got Mother Nature all stirred up. The weather everywhere is crazy!


  5. Kim, you said a mouthful there! The last few weeks have been bizarre. I suppose, however, that we say those things nearly every year, don't we? LOL! Silly people, we can't be pleased! I will be glad, though, when the borderline stuff ends, the very warm one day and snowing the next season. I don't know whether to get out spring clothes for the 60° days or not!

  6. Oh yes it was an April's Fools prank - Mother Nature pulled it! :)

  7. Queen, I guess you're right!!! LOL!!!


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