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Monday, April 27, 2009

Monday Movies

I just love this first one. Technology is wonderful, isn't it? Do you send text messages? Isn't it wonderful to have instant communication? Can you believe how fast it is? Well, get a load of this.....

And then there is the fact that all babies needs mommies. We know that. But do you realize why daddies are in charge of babies? Well, here it is .....

And since the daddies have it so hard, here is something every one of them should have to offset the pain of fatherhood ....

Now, get to work! Someone's gotta pay the bills! (Send me your address, and I send you one of my bills to pay, OK?)


  1. Men shouldn't be allowed near babies. They brought one to the office today, just a few months old. While I was watching him, he spit out his pacifier. I immediately picked it up off the floor and was going to put it back in the kid's mouth, but the grandma insisted on washing it off first. Doesn't the five-second rule apply to babies?

    That beer machine is cool. That I could handle.

  2. I love me some David Letterman. :-)

    And I love your new banner pic. Have I just missed it before this?

  3. Dave, I'm cracking up over this. You see, a mom would never forget about what safely goes into a baby's mouth, but a man forgets as soon as his child is out of that stage. And that 5-second rule, I'm sure, was created by men in the first place, so it has no REAL significance. :D

    Cheryl, I agree! The banner was changed a few days ago. I decided that I have takes so many great pictures that I need to change the banner more frequently. Stay tuned!

  4. These were funny! I loved the tooting baby!!!

  5. Beans, that toot was a hoot, wasn't it?? LOL!


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