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Monday, April 13, 2009

Monday Musings

First of all, this cartoon just tickled me today ....

I have been having trouble with my sleep for a few days. It has been mostly because of the residual discomfort from the fall on Friday. I'm not hurting very bad, but I am uncomfortable, achy, the bruises tender. I've been waking several times each night, having to reposition myself to ease the pain. Most of the time I've gone back to sleep quickly, but a few times took an hour or more to be able to drop off again. So I'm sleep deprived, which doesn't help the body healing.

I was sleeping so well last night. I didn't wake once! Well, until 4:30ish, when I was awakened by one of the dogs running up the length of my body, right over all the bruises on my legs, and coming to rest on my chest! It was Jazi. And she was shaking, trembling like crazy. I suspected she heard something that sounded like thunder, because that is the only thing I've noted to cause her to shake like that. I cuddled her to me, but the shivering wouldn't quit. I was drifting off when I heard a click or beep kind of noise, and Jaz shivered harder. I listened without hearing it again. Drifting off, heard it again and Jazmyn shook harder.

I tiredly thought about what it could be, but I just couldn't identify it. I sat up in bed to listen and try to identify a direction, but I couldn't tell. It was just one little noise, then silence. After about 20 minutes, I finally realized it is similar to the kind of sound that reminds you there is a message on your cell phone. I checked it, but no, it wasn't that. I started looking around to see what else might make warning sounds. Suddenly, it hit me. It was the smoke detector! It turned out to be the carbon monoxide detector. I replaced the batteries. I suspect one of the batteries was not making good contact, because they all tested good, but I figured it was safer to just replace them.

By this time, it was almost 5:30, and I was wide awake. I tried to go back to sleep but couldn't. However, the dogs?? All sound asleep, even Jazi. My dogs are weird! I guess I shouldn't complain. Not everyone has a backup warning system to the fire/carbon monoxide detectors!

And then I saw this cartoon. Yeah.

And a few minutes ago, they were showing the new First Dog on the morning news. Lolita was the only dog in the room, but when they showed the photo of Bo, she leaped off the couch, ran across the room, put her paws on the entertainment center, and closely eyed the pictures on the screen. While she was there, her head cocked from side to side, and her tail was wagging. I'm guessing she approves!

Uh-oh. The Duggers are making an announcement in a few minutes. Sheesh. When will they stop? I love children, but this seems over the top to me. I know they aren't depending on any external support for their family, and I'm not criticizing (not exactly), but just wondering .... why??? I figure this news might be about the son who recently married. Perhaps he and his wife are expecting. Oh, goody, another generation! Well, we'll find out in a few minutes.

The pups have been very cuddly recently. (Speaking of the dogs, I'm one to talk about overdoing it, aren't I???) Little Lola has become noticeably affectionate. She has never been standoffish but I think she has just realized or accepted that this is forever. She often comes bouncing onto the couch and snuggles up with me. She stays for several minutes before bounding off to her next adventure. She used to stay with me a minute or less per "visit." The others have been more lingering with their snuggle time, too. Maybe it is spring??

Alright, I gotta get outta here. I have company arriving tomorrow or Wednesday for a week, and I have a few more things to do in preparation. Hope everyone has a good week!



  1. I love that cartoon. That is so funny.

    You really got my attention when you mentioned the Duggars...I love them and love their show. I really missed their show when I had no cable, so I have had fun catching up on the episodes. And yes, it's their oldest son and wife that are expecting a baby.

    My cats have been wanting to cuddle more lately. Last night I got up to go to the bathroom and when I came back I looked in the living room and noticed there were no cats. (that is where they have been sleeping at night) When I got back to bed I realized they were both under the covers. Ben has always loved to cuddle, but this is new for Bonk. I am loving it.

    Hope you feel better soon. Take it easy for the next couple of days. I wish I lived closer because I would come by and visit you. Hopefully one day we will live close again.

  2. I wondered how you were feeling, I sent you a text but my phone was dying. I dunno, that is a new phone and already having battery issues. I wish i'd have gotten a Blackberry instead.

    The day the Easter Bunny tries any of those tricks... well... let's just say it won't be pretty! hehe..

  3. Caroline, Yeah, I heard a few minutes after I posted that it was the new generation. I think those people are doing an amazing job, but I still wonder .... why???

    Yeah, it is cool when pets get cuddly. Sometimes when I try to turn over in the middle of the night, I wonder how much I like it, though. I have been pinned down by them, 2 on one side and 3 on the other! LOL!

    I wish you lived close, too. I miss you. :')

    Patti, I actually did get your message, and I should have sent one back, but to be honest .... I was lazy. Sorry! Yeah, I think I'm going with blackberry in the fall, when my replacement time is up. My Palm is no longer cooperating with coordinating with the computer, so it's time to upgrade.

  4. Sleep is so fickle especially when your injured. I love the Duggars also but it is a little extreme but who are we to judge they are totally self sufficent. Enjoy your company

  5. I don't know what Duggers are. But I definitely liked your cartoon!


  6. Bobbie, Oh, isn't sleep fickle? sheesh. I hope I can get back into a regular routine with it.

    Betty, the Duggers are a family who have 19 children. The oldest son married a few months ago, and now they are expecting the first grandchild. They have a TV show "18 kids and still counting," I think is the right name. I haven't watched it, but it is about their daily life. The good thing is that they are self sufficient, and with the TV show, I assume they are in decent financial shape. I do respect that aspect of their lives. Having so many children just seems insane to me. I always wanted a big family, but that meant 4-6 kids to me. That's more than "an average helping"!!

  7. Glad you are recouperating. Hope you get some sleep and enjoy your friends.

    The Duggers are a little off. I do admire that they are self sufficient but 18 kids, come on. How much parent child bonding do you think they get.

  8. Not a fan of the Duggers. I don't understand why anyone would choose to have 18 kids in this day and age and think it's just wonderful. How can you possibly have one on one time with everyone? They just seem a little off to me. The father gave his son a birds and bees talk on his wedding night. I am thinking to myself, it's a little late for that speech.

    By the way, I LOVE the Easter cartoon.


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