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Monday, April 06, 2009

Tickled Me!

Have you noticed the funny expression you sometimes get when you pause the TV?

I was just starting to watch The View a bit ago, and the phone rang. The accountant was wanting to tell me about my tax returns, and of course I wanted to hear that. I paused the TV, and after a short conversation, I was about to resume watching the program. I looked up to see this .... and I absolutely doubled over!

This was actually a rerun so I didn't need to pause it, but I didn't know it at the time. Whoopie had been to see the Shrek movie the night before and had her hair pinned up in Shrek ears and was talking with a Scottish accent. Her expression frozen like this and the hair cracked me up. I hope you got a chuckle out of it, too.


  1. I am probably going to get this wrong but Whoopie (who I love) has nothing on Fiona (again who I love) man I need a life lol. Love the view
    its on my dvr recording everyday waiting for Mike to go back to work so I can catch up lol

  2. How funny. And yes, I do laugh sometimes at the places I pause TV.

    So...are you getting any money back from yoru taxes?

  3. Bobbie, I record the view too. Don't like to miss it!

    Caroline, I've caught some hilarious expressions, but for whatever reason, this completely cracked me up! So fun!

    I'm getting a lot more than I expected! Happy, happy!!!

  4. she kind of looks like Shrek!!!

  5. As if she's not funny looking ENOUGH!! LOL

  6. HAHAH--that is funny. We did that the other night with private practice and we kept pausing it to see who could get a funnier face.

    This is funny!

  7. I don't have pause on my TV but I definitely see the humor in this! LOL

  8. (M)ary, doesn't she???

    Dawn, I love Whoppie's unique face!

    Beans, I know! Usually when you stop it, the faces are distorted and humorous. The other day I stopped it, and when I was ready to resume, the woman on the screen had a sweet smile, a nice expression, and the thought that went through my head was "That's weird!" LOL!

    Oh, Patti, having a DVR with that capacity is the best!!


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