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Thursday, May 07, 2009

A Good Day, and It's Not Over

After being in Ruidoso yesterday for the necessary shopping, I noticed last night, as I was filing paid bills, that I had put one rather important bill in the wrong stack and it didn't get paid. The renewal of my license plates was almost 3 weeks past due! Oops!! So I had to go back in today and make myself legal again. It cost $10 late fee. Shoot. But it could have been much worse if I'd been stopped. When I got home I put that sucker on immediately!

When I came in the house, I decided to replace the screen in the storm door. It has never been right since the dogs decided to use it as a doggy door last summer before I had the real ones put in. I kept putting it back in, but it never did fit right. It didn't take long to put the new screen in, and as I was putting the door back together, I decided to attempt, one more time, to adjust the latch on the storm door. I've done this at least 7-8 times, but I've never gotten it quite right. Today, for some reason, it all went just perfectly, and my storm closes like it is supposed to! I'm still not sure exactly what made it right, but I'm so happy that when I let it go, the door goes whoosh, followed by a soft but solid click, and there is no rattle as before. I'm obviously a genius, but I don't know how! LOL!

Now I'm enjoying a glass of cold lemonade. Ahhhh. Wanna join me?


  1. Good lord, you could have been blogging from the hooscow. I don't think they would do that to you.....

    We finally hit triple digits today and a glass of lemonade does sound good.

  2. Would love to be sitting and having a glass of lemonade with you, right now!

    You had a productive day! So glad you caught that missed bill. I hate dealing with the DMV.

    Enjoy your evening.

  3. Pepper, Nah, I wasn't really worried, just cautious! When you say triple digits, I'm so glad to be high in the mountains!! 90 here was enough!

    Cheryl, c'mon down! You're welcome to share my lemonade! DMV (or as it is called here "MVD" LOL!) is actually very easy to deal with here. And I've not had an unpleasant person to deal with yet!

  4. So wish I could sit with you . . .even just for an hour. I will settle for reading about your wonderful dog filled days!

    Glad the screen door worked out. Amazing how sometimes you just get a break and it works out.

  5. Beans, You're welcome to come sit any time and as long as you wish!

  6. Don't question the providence of a perfectly working storm door. Just enjoy it! lol

    Lemonade sounds divine!

  7. Jen, you took the words right out of my mouth!


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