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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Goofy Little Dogs

OK, I'm back from town. Got all my necessary shopping done. I'm amazed at how worn out I get after about two hours of actual shopping and the half hour each way drive. Am I getting old? I used to love shopping and could go almost marathon style! Or is it just that I enjoy marathon shopping and not everyday-needs shopping?

While I was shopping I bought three pairs of shoes. I know, I know, three is a lot. They weren't expensive ones, just replacement for some of my Earth Spirit sandals. I had to replace some because ..........

What's wrong with this picture?

Yes, and there were three more that were already thrown away. Sammy, and now Lola, loves to chew up my shoes. Sam has been disassembling my shoes since he arrived almost a year ago. He seems to prefer the left shoe as you can see above. I wonder if my left foot smells different? All three that already were thrown out were lefties, also. One pair he ate almost all of the left and began on the right when I discovered him. Sigh. BTW, if you notice, two of those sandals are almost the same. I bought one to replace the other when it was chewed up. If only it had been one right and one left, I would have worn the two remaining shoes. Wouldn't that have been a hoot? I'll bet no one would have even noticed!

When I got ready to take the picture above I was gathering up the chewed shoes (say that fast 3 times!), and when Sam and Lola saw them in my hands, both of them ducked their heads and slunk away! I didn't say a single word to them! Tell me they don't know what they did wrong! While I was taking the picture, the other three dogs came over and sniffed and watched me, but Sam sneaked outside and here is where I found Lola:

Guilty on all counts!!!

I'm reworking the steps out front. Remember the ones I built with rocks last year? It was still good, but A couple places needed to be widened, so I'm adding some stones. That is what I was doing yesterday, and damn, is it hard work! but I'm loving the result. It's not finished yet, but probably one more day will see it through. I'm going to wait for some cooler weather over the weekend, however. No sense in being stupid about it! Surprisingly, I'm not feeling bad at all today. I can feel some of the muscles that I used, but they are not painful, just tight. I actually like doing that kind of thing, if for no other reason than to convince myself that I still can.

Just a few minutes ago all the dogs were going crazy on the deck, so I stepped out to see what was going on. I should have guessed.....
There were about a dozen in my front yard, snacking on scrub oak and having a refreshing drink at the tub I've put down in the yard for them. I also put out a salt lick, and I don't know if they are using it or not. I hope so.

OK, I have some things to get done in the house, so you all talk amongst yourselves till I get back. ;D


PS - Obviously the deer are not worried about the dogs. Look what I just found sitting in the shade, having a little rest:



  1. Lola's no fool! She hides where it's comfy! Those sweet deer in your yard are obviously at home there too. Good pictures. --Cheryl

  2. LOL!!! I would be in trouble if Lola was with me because I only own 3 pairs of shoes. I love how she tried to hide behind the cushion...she looks so sorry.

    I love that the deer just hang out in your yard. Since I moved I have not seen any deer and really miss the ones that were at my apartment complex.

  3. Cheryl, Lola is a very smart little dog. She needs a correction or instruction only once or twice. But till she gets it .....!!!!

    Some people think of deer as pests, but I'm very happy to share my property with them! Thanks.

    Caroline, gee, Sam and Lola would starve to death at your house, wouldn't they? LOL! Sheesh!

    I'm surprised that deer don't visit in your town. Ruidoso is about 2X or more the size, and you have to be careful driving in town because they just wander out to cross streets all the time. You'd think they would come to see you, too, wouldn't you?

  4. Oh no--funny that they target the left shoes. Addie gets a look about her when she has pooped--like she knows she did something wrong.

    The deer are beautiful! I can't believe you can get that close!

    I am thinking you need one of those over the door shoes racks to keep your shoes in.

  5. my dog simon (sir poopalot on the blog) accidentally pee'd in the house a couple times. i can tell it was him because he hides in the corner and is quiet. usually he is not quiet and sticks to me like glue.

  6. ps...i am glad Sam has a partner in crime! how sweet! they are like a doggie Bonnie and Clyde

  7. Beans, a shoe rack isn't the answer. the answer is for me to quit kicking my shoes off when I come in the door and leaving them out of the closet!!!

    The deer - I was using a zoom, but the last one was taken from only about 20 feet away. They are amazingly calm.

  8. I love the pictures. Especially the one of Lola in the couch!! Sorry about your shoes, though. I have some similar looking ones too. :o)

  9. (M)ary, they do tell on themselves, don't they? Bonnie & Clyde!! LOL! Perfect! Yes, I'm glad he has a buddy, too, but boy is he teaching her some bad stuff!!

    Jen, isn't she a hoot? When I saw that I laughed out loud, and she furtively peeked at me before burying her head again!

  10. What a hoot about the shoes...I'm sure it not quite as funny when they are your shoes. I would have to kill Sadie if she did that.

    Don't you just love having deer in your yard.

  11. MJ, it wasn't funny at the time, but retrospectively, it is very much so!

    I do love the deer. After she was alone for over an hour, the lone resting deer was joined by 7-8 others and they all hung out for another couple hours! It was so much fun to watch them.

  12. I am sad that I don't see that many deer around my house. I think most of them probably stay outside the city limits. I would probably see them if I was out driving at night, but I usually stay home at night since I am so afraid of hitting a deer.

  13. Caroline, it's funny that they don't come into one town but flood into another, isn't it? I kinda hate to drive at night, too, because they are so thick here and you see them beside the road all the time.

  14. Okay I have changed my mind. I have one that is a shoe chewer, I admire your patience.

    The deer are so peaceful. Beautiful beautiful pictures.

  15. LOL at your shoes thieves! I'm afraid our Gryphon is one as well ... that and towels.

    You deer seems awfully tolerant of the dogs and humans. Love the last shot!

  16. That's so sweet that you put out a salt lick. I'd love to see deer so up close.

    Here's the math as I see it: 5 dogs + shoes left out = barefoot.

  17. Pepper, uh-oh! Who's the culprit?

    Deer seem to epitomize peace, don't they?

    Goodness, Seamus, I think Gryphon could do some serious shoe damage!

    The deer are nearly tame around here. They are very protected. I worry that they are almost too trusting. I've been able to walk, carefully, slowly, within 8-10 feet of them.

    Sandra, with the national forest less than 2 miles and the wilderness area less than 4 from my house, I figure they are OK on food, so I follow the advice of the forest service and do not feed them. A tub of water in this drought and the salt lick will help them without throwing the balance of nature off.

    Your math would seem to be right on. grrr.

  18. LOL! When I first saw the picture of the shoes, I thought, "Nothing is wrong with this picture! What comfortable looking shoes!" But upon closer inspection... :)

    This post was filled with priceless pics. :)

  19. Catherine, :D Yep! Priceless AND costly!

  20. Brandy always knows when she misbehaves. She puts herself in her crate. If I didn't get so perturbed with her for being bad, I would think it was funny.

    I've never seen a deer so comfortable that it can lie down.

  21. Daisy, if they, Brandy & mine, would realize they need to be in the crate *before* they do the deed!

    I was a bit surprised about the deer, too. I watched her closely to be sure she wasn't ill, but no, she was merely resting.


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