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Saturday, May 23, 2009

My Widdle Biddy Garden

Welcome to my mini garden!

This pot has 2 Heat Wave Tomatoes, a clump of peppermint (Mojitos!!!), and a Better Boy Tomato.

This little pot has two clumps of cilantro. I love cilantro in so many dishes. I just love cilantro!

This on has 3 Better Boys. I bought these on a whim. The were small plants, but already budding and they were on sale, 4 for $2. Couldn't pass it by!

This pot has 2 Beefsteak tomatoes, a clump of dill (love dill on my fish) and a clump of chives (Potatoes!! Cottage cheese!!).

I "fenced" them in with $10 of wire fencing. I could only get chicken wire by 100 feet bundles, and I couldn't think of anything I'd use it for. This was a little more expensive per foot, but I don't have something to store that I may never use. And I'm glad I bought it, because in retrospect, it is much sturdier.

Why do I need the fence?

Jazi demonstrates for you. I can't keep these dogs out of plants!

Then on the fun side, I got some little impatients, red ones and white ones. I found these cool lined iron baskets. Aren't those the bomb? I can't wait for the little plants to fill the space and bloom all over the place.

And I got some petunias in a basket.

And two baskets of double petunias.

I wanted some begonias, but the place I went to today didn't have them. I'll pick some up on a different day.

I put geraniums in the iron kettles a couple weeks ago. They are little starter plants. They were about 4-5 inches tall and they are now about 8 inches and branching out. And a couple are already budding! I think they will be beautiful in about a month. Can't wait!

Mums in those iron kettles are coming back from last year, and the grasses I planted in them are greening up, too. I put some daisy and marigold seed in the pots today, too. They should all be filled out and looking wonderful soon.

Lastly I randomly scattered some wildflower seed. I have more to put out, but I'm done for today. I will do the rest on the next day without falling rain. Hopefully my house will surrounded with beautiful, amazing colors for the remainder of the summer!



  1. You are going to have some really good veggies in a few months. And I am jealous that you will have fresh cilantro. Yummy.

  2. I can't really make a salad out of it, but it has the important things for me. that's what matter!

  3. pretty pretty plants . . .though i am a bit concerned about so many things in that one itty bitty pot. will you transplant?

    i love the purple and pink flowers.

  4. Beans, I will transplant if they spread too much. I doubt they will. I talked a long time with the folks at the nursery and they thought it would be OK. BTW, the two pots are not small; they are almost 3" across, believe it or not!

  5. beautiful plants and yummy veggies I gave up flowers this year around the house. But the bleeding hearts and lillies are coming up so we are covered

  6. Oh, I hadn't thought about bleeding hearts, Bobbie! I haven't had any of those is years! I'm planning to plant some lilies next year. I hope they do alright.

  7. Love you garden and flowers. Hope you get lots of yummy out of it.

  8. Manageable lushness! :)

    All our gardening has to be in pots or raised beds. You'd think with all the lush green about there'd be dirt, but you'd be wrong! There be rocks below Cap'n!

  9. Rocks below is yet another reason I don't trouble with a "regular" garden! And building a raised garden is too much work for just me who really hates everything about it between planting and harvesting!! Yes, Seamus, I get it, and I love my manageable lushness!


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