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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Today is a Cool Day

Well, I got up and was outside early today to get the topsoil spread. I spread grass seed in areas that I know it was needed, and added peat moss to help hold moisture. It was done by 8:30, and I started the sprinkler to begin settling it into the existing soil. Geez, I'm glad it is done. It wasn't an awful job, but not fun, either. Anyway, it is good to have it over.

After that I sprayed the little thistle plants that have popped up. I sprayed them about 10 days ago, and most of what was sprayed is shriveling up, but new ones have since come up. That's what I sprayed today. I will have to keep doing this over the summer, but I believe I have it under control. Some of you may remember the battle I had with them last summer and fall, and I swore I wouldn't let it get out of hand again. I won't! That was awful.

I also turned on the soaker hose that takes care of some random plants, some yuccas, cacti, and fountain grass. These are the only plants that I actively water in the ground, and the soaker works well for those.

I'm reworking the stone steps I put in last year. What was there was OK, but I wanted to widen some steps and deepen others to make them more sturdy and comfortable. Unfortunately, adding means I have to remove some of the stones to replace with others or to reset them in alignment with the new ones. Sooooo .... I worked on that a little bit this morning, too. I didn't get very far, because it was getting warm, and I had already expended a lot of energy. I came in to rehydrate and eat some lunch. And here I am!

I'll go back out later to work on the stones steps for a while. It is a slow process, and I'm not rushing it. I want to be very sure the steps are safe and sturdy, so the correct shape and size of each stone is important. My guests and I have definitely enjoyed the use of these steps, and I'm glad I put them in. Once I get them "right," I will be very, very happy to have it done. It's a big job, but well worth it.

I've taken on a lot of big jobs around here. Sometimes I wonder about my wisdom of these decisions, but there are some real pluses to doing them myself. #1 - The overall enjoyment I will have (and have had) from the end result of these projects. #2 - Knowing that I am physically able to do these things is very important to me. It often isn't fun during the process, but every one that I accomplish gives me a tremendous boost. #3 - I am assured with every day that I am healthy, capable, knowledgeable or intelligent enough to figure these things out. I used to never think about these tasks because I had no idea that I would be alone, needing to do them myself. It is my badge of survival, I think.

Today's weather is good for outside tasks. It was just 48° when I went out around 7:00 A. It has just now (2:00 P) reached 77°, so it's not too hot to be expending energy. I'll stay inside for a while and go out when that is shaded and the air has cooled again. The weekend will be good, too, with highs in the mid to upper 70s. Looks like I have a lot of work days ahead of me!


  1. wow your busy. I agree with you keeping busy doing your type of work keeps the mind and body in shape keep it up.

  2. You are really an inspiration to me. I don't have much of a green thumb, but I do know I will be tackling some gardening by myself this summer. Also, laying in steps, wow, that seems like a big job too. I've been thinking of tiling my kitchen floor myself and not hiring someone to do it. Maybe I actually can. I know it would make me feel good to do it myself.

    Being alone has got to be hard if you are used to having someone there. I know my husband would help me, but neither of us is handy at things around the house. Good for you, good luck and GOOD JOB! --Cheryl

  3. I love the feeling I get when I do a project and get good results and feel good doing it.

  4. Bobbie, oh, gosh, yes.
    My body wonders sometime what I'm doing to it, but I'm not giving up.

    Cheryl, I tiled the kitched floor in my KC home before I sold it, and if I do say so, I did a fine job. It wasn't really hard at all.

    Being alone has been a major adjustment for me. Having another set of hands or another noggin to think through a project is certainly welcome. I really do miss that. But I'm learning, and luckily, I haven't made too many mistakes. At least none that can't be corrected. It does feel good to feel self-sufficient.

    MJ, me, too. It makes up for some of the pain.


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