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Saturday, May 09, 2009

Yuck. Hot, Dirty work.

I'm taking a break. I spent a couple hours in the back yard doing some preparation before putting down the topsoil. This meant filling in some holes (that's a story in itself), creating some new holes by removing rocks partially exposed, raking up loose gravel-sized rock, and generally smoothing, as much as possible, the ground in general. I'm not finished with that, but nearly so. I just got hot and needed a break.

It's hard to believe how hot it felt. When I came in the thermometer said 67°, but with the sun shining down, it felt 20° hotter out there! Whew! Work will do that to you!

In my tasks was also the moving of a huge dog house that was left here when I moved in. I've left in in the back yard thinking it would be there for visiting dogs or for mine if they are caught outside. But I decided it hasn't been used in two years, so time to go. It was sitting on top of one of the holes to be filled in, covering about half the hole, and when I moved it, look what I found! OK, they don't bury their treasures, but obviously one or more of the kids found this "hidey-hole"!! Obviously the half one has been in the hole for a while. I think it disappeared when I was throwing away some partially chewed ones in preparation for replacing them with new ones around three months ago. I don't know who did this, but Sammy was really eying me the whole time. At any rate, I got a chuckle out of their half-baked attempt to bury the treasures. Silly mutts!

While I was out there, the dogs began barking on the front deck. When they didn't stop after a couple minutes, I decided to look and see what was going on. There was a vehicle I didn't recognize in the driveway. I started out to see who it was and discovered it was a floral delivery guy bringing flowers from my son's family! Very cool arrangement with orange lilies and roses and tiny yellow mums and some accents of a small purple flower. Really pretty!

OK, I've put some ribs in to cook for dinner, I've snacked a little and rehydrated myself, and I guess I'd better get back outside and finish as much as I can today. Tomorrow will be more than 10° higher, and I don't want to be out in that. I actually have all summer to do what I'm doing, but I want to do as much as I can while it is this cool. So .... later!


  1. very pretty flowers, I havent been commenting but it sounds like you have been busy, and the doggies have been busy shoes and hiding things and I wanted to say thank you for the prayers they really helped

  2. Bobbie, I'm very sorry to hear about your MIL. rest assured she is at peace now.

  3. Your flowers are beautiful Lyn!!

    Woman you sure could use a hired-hand, something like the traditional pool-boy LOL
    For a giggle or two read Pioneer Woman - whew hot and steamy. Her writing reminds me of yours...very descriptive and so darn enjoyable, and doesnt leave much to the imagination lol

  4. Happy Mother's Day - very pretty flowers. My two pups don't bury their bones but their buddy, Bernie does. So they have to be very careful when they bring their bones or toys over to his house or their toys will end up in the flower bed.

  5. Funny little kids aren't they. They flowers are beautiful. Happy Mother's Day.

  6. Happy Mothers Day!!!! The flowers you got are so pretty!!

    LOL at your dogs. They are so funny and I know they keep you laughing.

  7. Ruth, I could surely use a hired hand, but he'd have to be willing to work for nothing more than a good dinner! Thank you for the compliment. I would love being as well-read as she is, but that would mean I would have to have her energy and talent. Where does she get it??? :)

    IE, HMD to you, also! Isn't it funny how some dogs bury treasures and others couldn't care less? My kids did, but they don't bury. They are just trying to escape to China, I think!

    MJ, they keep me entertained, that's for sure!! Thanks.

    Caroline, thanks, hon. The guys are always doing something unexpected, usually resulting in fun for me! Except for the shoes. But we won't talk about that today!

  8. I'm so glad you received flowers for Mother's Day. And that you shared them with us!



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