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Monday, June 01, 2009

Flash Trip


Some things in life happen so quickly that if you blink your eyes, it is over. My son called a few days ago to let me know he and his family are making a brief trip to Albuquerque to visit his dad. Dad's health is not real good, but he doesn't like to talk about it, so no one, including his wife, ever know for sure what is going on. Scott picked up on a couple things that makes him wonder if dad is OK, and decided the way to find out is to make a fast visit during a brief respite in their busy schedules. And he wondered if I could meet them there to have a short visit, too.

I spent four days trying to arrange a sitter. My regular sitter can't make it on the short notice, and everyone I've called was out of town or working or whatever, so I'd decided to not go. And since Scott would be in NM for just four days, throwing in a trip down here was doable, but not good for anyone. I checked with the local kennel, and their prices are reasonable, $15 per night, but times 5 dogs is $75! Then add the hotel, and it is quickly unaffordable. So I'd just about decided I wouldn't see them this trip. And I became a little pissy because (1) he is such a boy/man child that he just doesn't think about family and keeping the connections open and alive, and his wife does well at making sure her family sees their daughter frequently (and I'm not blaming her in this) but my son doesn't do that well for his family; (2) a couple months ago I tried to get him to plan a trip this summer when my daughter's family is visiting and he couldn't work it in; and (3) I'm glad he is checking on his dad, but this short time frame for the notice of the trip is maddening and doesn't allow me much arrangement time. Now there are good reasons behind all of his decisions, and I actually do understand it, but I'm a mom, HIS MOM, for goodness sake! I feel like I have to get terribly sick in order to get his attention! Boys.

Anyway, this morning a couple things fell into place, and I have a sitter, so now I'm trying to throw together an overnight trip. I'll be leaving tomorrow morning and returning Wednesday afternoon or evening. It will be a brief visit time, but it will be good to see the family, nonetheless. I have to get back home to finish my house cleaning tasks in preparation for a house guest over the coming weekend. I unfortunately put off some things till the last minute (when do I not do this???) and now I will have two fewer days to make up for my laziness. Bad Lyn, bad, bad Lyn!!!

Sooooo .... all of that to say to you that I will be absent for a couple days. I did the trivia and it will be published in the morning, but then you will probably have to wait till after I get back on Wednesday for anything significant by way of a post. I'll take the laptop, and I'll probably read a little on your blogs but chances are I won't post while I'm gone.

I know it will be very hard for you that I'm not posting for a few days, but try very hard to be brave little soldiers .... and soldierrettes .... till I'm back. Sighhh. Truth be known, with the level of blogging involvement these days, you might not have noticed if I'd not said this. but pretend, OK? Thanks.

Later, y'all!

PS - I gave the dogs a haircut yesterday and they look so cool! I'll try to get some pictures to post later on. They are cute, shaved down to almost nothing! Jaz and Sam both accept these sessions as "spa days," just relaxed and letting me roll them this way and that! Too cute! The other three are less calm about it. Joe is alright with everything except when I need him to let me do his belly, and he is board-stiff with some uncomfortable squirming! Max does fairly well, doesn't like the tummy-exposed pose either, but isn't as rigid as Joey! He looks really funny, because when he is shaved down, his extremely bowed front legs show up BIG TIME! And Lola was just fine till I got to her front paws, and I don't know what the deal was, but she went ballistic when I tried to shave her legs and paws! Nothing else bothered her! Maybe with time she will be better. I surely hope so!!

OK, gotta fly!!


  1. I am so happy you will be able to see Scott and his family. I am sorry that his Dad is not doing well. I know that is probably hard on you as well.

    Can't wait to see pics of the babies with their new haircuts. I know that Sophie always feels so much better after getting her hair cut.

    Drive carefully!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I am sorry that you have to make this trip on such short notice and these circumstances. I am glad that you will get to see your family have fun and dont worry about blogging lol.

  3. Caroline, it is always a little nerve-racking because we never know for sure how he really is. Scott said today that he is apparently better than Scott expected, but the fact that he has increased his oxygen is not a good sign. I really wish he would at least tell his wife so she could say he's OK or not OK! But it will be good to see everyone, yes.

    I'll do pix when I can. And I will drive carefully, thanks.

    Bobbie, it would be nice to make trips based on simply seeing each other with sufficient plans in place! Kids!

  4. ugh, last minute stuff is never fun--even if it is to see family. sorry it was so quick--but really glad that you found a sitter. thought finding one for 2 dogs was hard . . .

    and i think it is very funny that you have already pre-loaded your trivia for tomorrow. you are so very good to us. some day everyone will appreciate you as much as we do--even your son . . .maybe ;)

  5. Beans, I know, and I can't blame anyone but myself for the last minute stuff. That's me. I'm hoping this sitter will work into a permanent one. My "old" one is going to college in the fall, and I have the potential of 2 years with the new kid, so ....

    A son appreciate? Did you actually say that? A son appreciate? Well, I can hope, can't I? ;D

  6. my parents, brother and sister are in New Mexico this week! my granmother and a couple of uncles live down there.

  7. You're a brave woman giving your dogs haircuts. It was always the groomer for our mutt. I wouldn't know the first thing about cutting my dog's hair.

    Sounds like you have a busy life there. We're often told that we're lucky to have family and extended family living so close here in Michigan. Sometimes I'd like to have a little more privacy though.

  8. Have a good time on your quick trip. Hope all goes well.

    Waiting for pictures.

  9. (M)ary, really? What part of NM? What a small world!

    Dave, I've usually don't the groomer, but now, with 5 of them .... honestly, I can't afford it! I used to do my own grooming for a while, so it's just a matter of retuning my skills.

    As for the family .... I don't know what is the perfect answer. I like my privacy, but it would be really nice to have the rest of the family, oh, say 4 hours away. that's close enough for frequent visits but far enough to be off the other's last nerve! Lived that far from my parents for several years, and it was just right! My kids in FL and KS is too far.

    Thanks, MJ, I will have fun .... if it kills all of us! LOL!

    Traci, I will, thank you. :)

  10. I'm glad you can go - have a safe trip. How far are you from Alb?

  11. Glad it worked out for you.
    Travel safe and we will wait patiently for your return.

  12. I'm here to tell you it's not just sons who aren't good with family connections. I completely understand your frustrations. HUGS!!! That being said, I am very happy that it turned out you were able to make the trip.

  13. It all worked out, and that's the point to remember.

    Daisy, I know it can be any "kids"!!

    Julie, I'm about 3 hours away from ABQ.


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