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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Big Trip

Yesterday was very fun. Put four women in a big, bright blue truck and send them from the little town on the mountain and into the big city in the desert with plans for shopping and eating, and you've got a good day.

We got everything done that we intended. Except for the one thing I screwed up on. At Trader Joe's I kept looking at my list to convince myself that I had everything on it. I did. Yet I had the feeling I'd forgotten something. Later when we were at our last stop I suddenly realized that what I'd forgotten was something Allan wanted brought back. It was a small thing, but I'd promised, and I felt bad. However, by this time we were quite a long way from TJ, and doubling back would take almost an hour. It was already late and I just couldn't do it. I felt bad about it, but I'll get it for him somehow.

We made it to the first stop at Jo-Ann Fabrics so one of our party could pick out some upholstery fabric. This might have been our longest stop because of the decision making. I didn't time any of them. We didn't want to rush her. That's a huge decision.

We went for lunch next. We had picked the Elephant Bar, and it was a good choice! The dishes all have a Pacific Rim/Oriental flair, and everything we ordered was excellent. We shared some sweet potato fries, and one ordered shrimp and crab cakes, another had sushi, the third had pad thai and I had rock sugar braised beef with pappardelle noodles. Everything was excellent and reasonably priced. I brought some of mine home and had it for dinner tonight. We even had dessert (but of course). I had a crème brulée (but of course), and the other three split a huge cobbler, the biggest dessert I've ever seen!

We made it to Petsmart. I bought some toys that appeared to be fairly indestructible. If Lola were a child, I think she would be one of those kids who would take apart the toaster, the microwave and the coffee maker to see how they work, then walk away leaving all the parts in a pile! Especially if the toy has any kind of noisemaker, she will chew and gnaw and rip and tear until she gets the outer shell open. I brought home several new toys, and in about a half hour, she managed to chew up part of one of them! It was the one I was least convinced would last, but being right doesn't always make a person feel good. After I scolded her she has played with it without destroying it farther.

Next was a Hobby Lobby. We thought it might hold treasures that the one we frequent in Roswell, but to our surprise, it didn't seem to be as well stocked or have as broad a variety as our customary place. However, I did find another little trunk to go under the other window in the living room. I've put the doggy cushion on it, and they are already enjoying having another place to sit and rest or look out the window.

I like the design on it.

Our last stops were Trader Joe's and Whole Foods, for those treasures we especially covet. My big disappointment is that TJ's has discontinued making that wonderful cereal, Chocolate Decadence. I looked and looked, finally asked an employee about it, and she went to check on it. When she returned, she said, "I'm just the messenger," and I knew my worst fear was true. Dang!

At Whole Foods, one of my favorite splurges is from their deli section, and to my chagrin, they have discontinued carrying the caper salad! It might be just that store, the employee told me. We went to a different store than we usually do, as the one we've gone to before was closed since our last trip. I didn't know that, and we spent about 45 minutes trying to find it! There is yet another one that I'll check next time we go up.

By this time it was approaching 6:00, and we'd been in and out of the hot truck all day long. After every stop, we would almost get it cooled off when we would be at the next stop. The outside temp was near 100°. I didn't look every time, but it was at 99° as we backed out of the only shady spot I found all day long. I was really exhausted from the heat and going home was sounding very good. I said to the others that this trip was a good reminder of why we live where we do!

On the way home we snacked on some Havarti cheese with dill and slices of a mini loaf of kalamata olive bread and quenched our thirst with an Italian lemon soda. It rained on us off and on while we drove. We watched the thermometer in the truck, and when we were under the showers, the temp dropped 20°-30°. Then as we exited the rain, it would climb right back up.

At home it was clear that it had rained quiet a bit here. I was worried about Jazi, but she seemed to be pretty good. They were glad to see me. It was a long day to be away from each other. They were delighted with their new toys, and each of them grabbed a new toy and pranced around the house for a few minutes.

I was exhausted. The combination of heat, stress from trying to get everything in and trying to find the defunct store, etc., was just a lot. I slept solidly last night, but was still tired today. I got an haircut, picked up some milk at the store, came home and slept for two hours! I'm feeling good now, but I'm going to bed fairly early tonight.

Despite the disappointments and getting so tired, it was a fun trip with some of my favorite people here where I live. Once again .... I needed a reminder about how wonderful the climate here is in my home. When you see temperatures on the TV screen over 100°, it doesn't have the same impact as living it. I'm appreciatively humbled, and happy to be home!



  1. It sounds like a great trip. We always fall for foods and then walmart (mainly) stops carrying them or my most favorite stove wipes(smooth surface) and if one store stops carrying an item they all do grrrrr.

  2. I can picture it all. Love JoAnn's. Haven't eaten at the Elephant bar in a long time and it sound yummy. The cobbler is good, I've had it before. Sounds like a good day.

  3. Sounds like it was a great day. Oh, I am sorry that they have stopped making that cereal. I hate when I fall in love with something and suddenly it's gone. Let's hope they never stop making those wonderful chili chips.

    I love the Elephant Bar. There is one in KC and they have the best cocunt shrimp!!!

    Remember when you were thinking about moving to ABQ? Aren't you glad you are where you are.

  4. Bobbie, I agree. I find a product I really like, then it is gone. Hate that!

    MJ, it was a good day!

    Caroline, the store near me has quit carrying those chips, so I panicked, but they are still being made and carried .... 90 miles away!

    I almost ordered the coconut shrimp, but I was afraid of getting too much. They looked sooo good!

    I've thanked my lucky stars since soon after I got here that I didn't move to ABQ!! For so many reasons. But I don't think it was that hot there when I lived there before. I think the city being 4X as big with all the concrete and asphalt makes a big difference, too.

  5. Does Trader Joe's Ship or allow internet orders? I could not tell from their website! If they do, maybe somewhere they may still have some of your cereal in a warehouse just a thought.

    My ideology is that there must be some little known law out there that when a company makes a product and it is good, works or, is that perfect color for your complexion they MUST discontinue the item regardless of it's popularity.


  6. I had to stop in and read about your trip today! Sounds like a good one! You need to get Lola one of those balls that they advertise a lion couldn't destroy LOL I have yet to darken the doors of a TJ or WF but we don't have any around here :( I'm sure i'd love it!

  7. DJ, alas, TJ's does not do any sales but in-house. I'd checked that a long time ago. And yeah, I'd thoiught about your theory before, but it doesn't explain things that have been on the market for decades. I donno. I suppose not enough people were buying my treasure, something hard to believe, because it was fabulous, and everyone who tried it loved it.

    MQ, it was a good one, indeed! I'm hoping that what appears to be true at this moment is correct .... she hasn't torn up any of the others. She seems to have radar that takes her straight to the "weakest in the pack." Durn dog! The closest TJ's for you is Charlotte, NC, or Atlanta, but there are WF in Greenville and Mount Pleasant. They're waiting for you!


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