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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Frustrating Email Service

I'm so frustrated with my ya*hoo email service. I have two accounts, one connected to this blog, and it is working fine. The other is where I get most of my general email, and I'm having a headache and a half over it.

It began about 2 weeks ago. I got several emails that supposedly had graphics embedded, but I couldn't see them. The first two came from the same person, and I thought it was just a temporary glitch. Then I got another one from a different person, and I realized that something was wrong. I was getting embedded images from professional sources, AARP, Verizon, etc. Since I have two accounts, I compared the settings and they were the same. I followed a few step on the Ya*hoo Help page. But it didn't work.

So I contacted Ya*hoo. I'm now on my 4th correspondence after having cleared and emptied and re-set all the various caches and cubby-holes and control settings with no change in the problem. I found that I can forward an email to someone, and they can see the embedded material. I can forward them to my other account and there I can read them. But it is a royal pain in the buttinski to have to do all that.

I nearly ready to simply conjure up a new email, shift everyone over there and start fresh. I'll wait for one more directive from ya*hoo and see what happens. Grrrrr.


  1. yahoo can be a big huge pain in the buttinski hope it gets straightned out

  2. Bobbie, problems with yahoo, problems with blogger .... if facebook acts up, I'm gonna scream!


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