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Monday, July 13, 2009

Thus 'n' Such

I was out mowing yesterday, and when I came in I noticed how dirty my feet were from the dust stirred up by the mower. I was clean under the sandal straps, and it was really funny looking. I showered and when I got out, I was surprised to see that it wasn't dirt at all!

I knew my tan was funny looking on my feet, but I didn't realize how dark it actually was. I always wear the same sandals when I work in the yard, so the tan is pretty specific to that pair. Guess I need to switch off with some others LOL!

Lazy night around my house tonight. Here's proof:

Joe curled up on the other end of the couch.

Sam on the chest in front of the window.

Max in on the couch behind me, not an easy photo to take!

Cutest of all, the girls sacked out next to me. They are both completely passed out! Will you look at that fat little belly on Lola?? She's beginning to look like a sausage! The Girl has no waistline, at all! I hope it is just puppy-fat.

Jaz was beside me, snoozing, when Lola jumped up here. She made a couple half-hearted attempts to get Jazi to play, then sighed deeply and went limp!

Now my only concern is .... will they be ready for bed when I am?


  1. My tan line on my feet looks just like that!
    Love the pictures of the kids, they look so peaceful.

  2. LOL! Kim, are your sandals "Earth Spirits," too?

  3. Yep, your feet are done! LOL

    I love those doggies!

  4. You've got really pretty feet. I'm serious.

  5. Stick a fork in 'em and turn me over, eh, Dawn? LOL! I was never able to have a tan in KC, because it was too freakin' hot to be outside in the summer. I like being able to do what I do here. I'm not a sun-baby, but I hate to be pasty white.

    Thank you, Kathi. I had a classmate in college who had a foot "fetish", and he was always distracted by my feet in sandals! I got so I couldn't stand to let him see my feet, so I stuck them under my desk as much as possible. No, he wasn't a freak, he was actually a friend.He just loved feet, especially mine! LOL!

  6. I have the sock tan line from golfing and then the flip-flop tan on top of that. What a mess my feet are.

    Dogs look so comfy!

  7. MJ, That must be a sight! To make matters worse on me, I noticed that I'm getting a reverse "farmer's tan," because I wear glove when I work in the yard! It's not really noticeable because there are other outside activities that I am ungloved, so I get a little tan there.

  8. love that tan!

    the kids looks so cute!


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