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Friday, July 03, 2009

What excitement can happen in just a couple hours!

I drove into town to get some groceries. I watched the weather forecast and there was a nice window from about 11:30 till 3:00 when the rain would be light to non-existent. So heading down the road, all was well .... till I got about 1.5 miles away and it started pouring! I continued on, thinking that it would let up down the road. Not so.

It was raining so hard that I couldn't see the road, literally. I was on a dirt road, and the ditches on each side were running as high as the road with muddy water, so the ditches and the road were the same color. I absolutely could not tell what was road and what was ditch! I couldn't turn around because I didn't want to wind up in the ditch! So I traveled between 10-15 miles per hour right smack down the middle of the road, hoping I wouldn't meet another car! I didn't.

I had about six miles like that, then I came to a paved highway and the rain slowed just a little as I did. Wouldn't you know it? In town, it was still raining hard, although not the blinding rain I had experienced, so I dashed in to get my groceries, and when I came out, it had stopped.

One of my purchases was some dog food. I feed my kids Hill's Science Diet J/D which is good for their joints and coats. It has a lot of fish oil in it for that purpose (and it makes their breath stink like fish!), and after talking to my vet I decided to keep them on it although they are young to help avoid problems. I had forgotten that today was a holiday, so my vet was closed, and I didn't have enough to get through the weekend. I bought a small bag of Beneful at the grocery and at home, I mixed it with the J/D and filled the food bowl. Do I need to tell you what happened? Yep. immediately, the little mutts stuck their noses in the bowl and ferreted out every morsel of Beneful! Doggy candy, apparently! I mixed it so they wouldn't get upset tummies from the change of food, but they cancelled my good planning out! Little characters!

And for the record, If I got rain here while I was gone, it was just a smidgen! Isn't that how it goes? LOL!


  1. My vet quit carrying Science Diet food and went on a search for a brand he felt more comfortable recommending to his patients. After that experience I had a phone call from a friend in Texas warning me against using Science Diet, because her vet had urged her not to use it.

    I'm no expert on dog food. I follow blindly along with whatever my vet tells me. Apparently yours feels differently.

  2. Hmmm. I'll ask him about it, but we've had a number of conversations about it, and his tech, after checking out various lists of ingredients, started her puppies on J/D as soon as they were ready for solid feeding. I'll let ya know.

  3. My spoiled doggies get Beniful healthy diet cause the beagle is a little overweight (sleeping and eating) seem to do that and we dont want Pepper any bigger then she is. They love it

  4. comment was eaten up ....

    anyway, my dog likes some of the Beneful morsels and ignores some of them so i always had extra pieces. i switched to Iams. he loves Beneful treats (they are shaped like vegetables.)

  5. I know the road you are talking about and I can see why you didn't feel comfortable turning around. Glad that you made it to town OK.

    Sophie does the same thing if I change her food. She will eat all the new stuff and leave the old stuff.

    I use Nutro Naturals for Sophie. There is a kind that is for older dogs that also has ingredients for healthy joints. It really makes a difference for Sophie.

  6. I've looked and looked on line for problems with Science Diet, and the only references I find are to the pet food scare in 2007. has nothing, and that is unusual if there is any real problem. Most sites were still touting it as a top nutritional food for pets. Linda, if you are back to read this, what was the concern from your vet or your friend?

    Bobbie, I know my Kids will be sad when I finish the mixed food. They have enjoyed .... but they also ate too much yesterday.

    (M)ary, these guys didn't miss one crumb of the Beneful! I used Iams with my previous dogs, and it is good food, too. I switched only at the vet's suggestion for the joints.

    Caroline, I turn around on the road when it is dry without a problem, but that's a whole other world!

    I've used Nutro also in the past, too, and it is good. Does Sophie shove the old stuff onto the floor while she roots through? Mine did, and I was surprised when I went back to clean it up, and it was gone. At least they " clean up" after themselves!

  7. Sophie always uses her nose to push her food aside. I think it's so funny when she does this. It used to be that there would be food all over the floor, but I have since bought her one of those bowls that sits up high so she doesn't have to bend over and that has taken care of that problem.

  8. Sadie would do the same thing but then would eat the old all in a matter of seconds!

  9. Caroline, I'll bet that did help. I wonder if it would help here. I have one bowl like that. Maybe I'll try it and see what happens.

    MJ, dogs don't have the idea of "saving the best for last," do they?


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